Monday, September 09, 2013

​arbon Crooks movie is getting a lot of attention in Denmark and surrounding countries. A few nordic websites are beginning to cover the story. But also, now, some English language sites have picked it up. Redd Monitor ( is one. 

One thing I have noticed is that most of the reviews focus on the more salient, headline grabbing points: 1)Criminals hacked into registries and stole outright electronic carbon credits and 2) through a scam involving Value Added Tax, other Criminals were able to defraud the EU governments out of over 8 billion Euro!​

What the reviewers miss is the story about Connie Hedagaard and how she ignored the VAT "carousel fraud" when she was told early on about it. The point inferred here is that they didn't want any bad PR that would hurt emissions trading. 

I was in the carbon market and find it incredibly hard to believe that some investigators let this go on as long as it did. 

When I lost my job, it was about six months after the worst of the VAT fraud, but the hacking and selling the credits was still going on. (I lost my job because I found out about illegal dealings and a case of collusion in my employer, brought to my attention because of a carbon theft; call me and I will tell you the whole story so you don't end up trading with these guys in Amsterdam).

Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Pink Crocodile School

The Pink Crocodile school is up and running in Letnany, about 5km north of Prague city center. 

So many people have helped us raise money for the charity and school over the last year, and we are really happy to report a successful construction and opening. 

Please see the site  and/or the facebook page for more information.

Newsletter can be read by clicking on the image below.  





Daniel R Butler​

Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Filming, Interview, Lawyers, and Thinning Hair

It is a very odd thing to be interviewed, filmed and then packaged for a show. I have only recently experienced this in the movie Carbon Crooks to be aired next week in Denmark.

When I met Tom Heinemann I could tell he was the kind of guy that uncovered, researched and does in depth interviews to get the story out. In some ways I found it odd how he goes about it, like in his movie The Micro Debt. I didn’t know if it was fully accurate or perhaps maybe exaggerated. But what is really interesting is how the real world of Micro Debt has seemed to disappear. Does a movie have the much power?

And when I got called and invited to speak, I was in a position where I had first-hand knowledge of the carbon thefts in Prague in January of 2011. My client had 6.7 million EUR’s worth of emissions trading credits stolen in a Mission Impossible theft. Really, you would not believe it.  

Around the same time I wrote a few articles, one was for the FT Alphaville (requires free sign in or you can simply download from my website on one of the back pages. See the sitemap at ) about the missteps made by the architects of the carbon market. And I complained to a few organizations.

All for nought.

But the thing that bothers me a lot about the whole thing is how it looks like I am going bald. How shallow am I?


Carbon Crooks Movie

Next week will be the premier of a movie by Tom Heinemann about some of the things that went really wrong with Emissions Trading. "Carbon Crooks" to be aired on Danish television and then later, hopefully, in the UK.

  • The hacking that stole credits from registries that had the same security as your average Hotmail account.

  • And project offsets that really did little to reduce carbon emissions.

I am on the trailer in the first 30 seconds but the brief words I mention make me out to be a typical greedy broker
But my interview, which I have read in transcripts, is fairly simple. I talk about the theft from the registry and the VAT fraudsters that came to my office.
I also gave the full story of how I was fired because of a series of events that led me to uncover some dirty dealings within my organization. A very factual, true description of the events will be published on the date of the movie premier, on one of the back pages of my website with the emails showing a very simple fraud.

More later. If you like any details about the above, please by all means, give me a ring. The number is on my website.


Carbon Crooks Movie

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Bond Film Next Week

I have created an event on Facebook to invite a bunch of my friends for a boys night out to see the latest Bond movie. Silly, I realize, but useful. However, Only 10 per cent if those invited will attend. Whine....

Thursday, June 07, 2012

Hope, Change, Brains!

Hooope, Chaaange, Braaaains! (love that quote)

According to a Huffington Post report, CDC spokesman David Daigle set the record straight.  "CDC does not know of a virus or condition that would reanimate the dead 
(or one that would present zombie-like symptoms)."

Read more:

And then Red State goes on to attack the left with Zombie-like tendencies. Okay, I think there are Zombies on both sides of the aisle. But when I look at the Occupy movement..and this photo, well....

Breaking Bad: A New Season?

A friend told me that they are planning a next season. I just cannot get a grip on how they would do that. 

Last night I browsed you-tube for interviews and clips of actors and I began to think of how important to the show was ne Mexico. Really, if this show was made in LA (like, for example most shows, such as another hero-bad guy show in the Shield), I do not think it would have done nearly so well.