Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Filming, Interview, Lawyers, and Thinning Hair

It is a very odd thing to be interviewed, filmed and then packaged for a show. I have only recently experienced this in the movie Carbon Crooks to be aired next week in Denmark.

When I met Tom Heinemann I could tell he was the kind of guy that uncovered, researched and does in depth interviews to get the story out. In some ways I found it odd how he goes about it, like in his movie The Micro Debt. I didn’t know if it was fully accurate or perhaps maybe exaggerated. But what is really interesting is how the real world of Micro Debt has seemed to disappear. Does a movie have the much power?

And when I got called and invited to speak, I was in a position where I had first-hand knowledge of the carbon thefts in Prague in January of 2011. My client had 6.7 million EUR’s worth of emissions trading credits stolen in a Mission Impossible theft. Really, you would not believe it.  

Around the same time I wrote a few articles, one was for the FT Alphaville (requires free sign in or you can simply download from my website on one of the back pages. See the sitemap at www.danielbutler.eu ) about the missteps made by the architects of the carbon market. And I complained to a few organizations.

All for nought.

But the thing that bothers me a lot about the whole thing is how it looks like I am going bald. How shallow am I?


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