Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Carbon Crooks Movie

Next week will be the premier of a movie by Tom Heinemann about some of the things that went really wrong with Emissions Trading. "Carbon Crooks" to be aired on Danish television and then later, hopefully, in the UK.

  • The hacking that stole credits from registries that had the same security as your average Hotmail account.

  • And project offsets that really did little to reduce carbon emissions.

I am on the trailer in the first 30 seconds but the brief words I mention make me out to be a typical greedy broker
But my interview, which I have read in transcripts, is fairly simple. I talk about the theft from the registry and the VAT fraudsters that came to my office.
I also gave the full story of how I was fired because of a series of events that led me to uncover some dirty dealings within my organization. A very factual, true description of the events will be published on the date of the movie premier, on one of the back pages of my website www.danielbutler.eu with the emails showing a very simple fraud.

More later. If you like any details about the above, please by all means, give me a ring. The number is on my website.


Carbon Crooks Movie

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