Saturday, February 25, 2012

Syrian WMD - they got them from Saddam

One major contention for the Iraq War, taking out Saddam, was that he had WMD and that Bush had fabricated 'proof'. Now I am hoping for closure. Vindication.

Why? Because of some information I remember that came out during the lead up to the Iraq War. I recall that Saddam had made a deal to move the WMD to to Syria. Yes, I contend that Saddam had them; and moved them.

And I further contend that Bush was right to take our Saddam because of the "Perp had a gun" scenario. This means that, like the situation where a city cop might have shot a perp (alledged assailant) and they could not find a gun afterwards. This is important because, in the past the perp had a gun and he used it. So if he tells you he has a gun now, and he is going to use it, you have, in my opinion, the right to shoot.

Saddam had biological weapons (gas). He used them. And he was threatening to use them again. So I feel the USA was justified to go in.

But now, I am also hoping they will link the weapons of this story to Saddam when they turn up in some international bazaar. Let us hope that 1. we find them before they are used and more importantly, 2. that more perps with guns are taken out.