Friday, May 06, 2011

Feds Issue Train Warning | and "Source Code"

Feds Issue Train Warning | NBC New York
Last night I saw Source Code. Very good, and Jake Gyllenhaal was perfect in the role. Notwithstanding some obvious plot errors (like what happens to the real boyfriend??), it was great except for one major political problem.

What would you say is the threat comparison between homegrown terrorists (as in the Oklahoma bombing) versus the Al Quaeda versions? 1 to 5? 1 to 1000? Lets now look at the efforts expended by the federal and state governments in terms of budget to police prevent these threats. I don't know the numbers, but its probably close to 1 to 1000.

So now lets look at the number of Hollywood dramas. Now we come way back down to 1 to 5.

They might as well have made the bomber a Russian spy for all the lack of historical significance. Or even due to an alien abduction, for these reports are far more significant than the Oklahoma type threat.

It drives me nuts to think of the stretch that the writers in Hollywood mus reach to simply to avoid accusing a singular group of admittedly small numbers of the whole. Islamic fundamentalist, Western hating types, do not number into the tens of thousands, I think, but they certainly dwarf those of the in country version.

It would be a bit more entertaining if movies would reflect these realities in some movies (along with always making the villain a Republican when we all know both sides have villians)

Or they should simply bring back the Russian spies and Aliens.