Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Carbon Fraud arrests

Germany has finally arrested a bunch of guys that were committing Value Added Tax fraud with carbon credits. This fraud had really hurt the carbon market and some exchanges have come up short in their efforts to protect against it.

But some enterprising brokers and banks - with poor controls - have now been put in the highly-suspect category, but are still operating.

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Sunday, December 11, 2011


The OWS movement believes that the riches and most powerful are ruining the lives for the rest of the citizens in the USA. Those at the top have the money at the expense of many, and their capricious gambling, steroid-derivative products, and vampire-like blood sucking has left the body near death.

Conservatives believe, well, hey, we are not a feudal society; we are not your overloads preventing you from attaining the position that I hold. You, too, can come and join me on my perch.

But it's the cynics like me that say to the 99% OWS crowd, what about the vast numbers of Muslim and Chinese that will soon be ruling the planet. You won't dare pull this line of thinking with them: you will be simply a small number and given no more thought than a marginalized and ignored religion that will be stomped on.

You see, the problem here is that the OWS is angy but they are only angry at the USA government when in reality they are drop in the bucket of global circumstances. I will admit, surely, that the financial market lords do indeed hold the responsibility for the latest smackdown. But these same financial powers also deserve the credit for getting us to such a lofty plane of existence. Of course the public is angry that they monster they created, that in turn took care of the creator, has selfishly created a disaster. And now there exists a generation that has not benefited as the previous 2, 3 or perhaps 5 generations have.

But considering that the OWS movement is part of a 300 million population - and many Europeans could collectively be joined to this since they too share the blame what with the same produces and similar balloonish behaviour - let us call it an even billion, together we are all less than 20% of the global population. If they are 99% of 15%, they are still only 1/7 th of the world.

(And let us be frank for just one second here and realize that the OWS does not reflect the views of the whole 99%. In my view it is more like 30% feel great affinity for what the OWS has to say, another 40% that are just angry at a composite and impotent legislature. But I believe there is a strong 30% that says, these naive liberal and even dangerously radical people are certainly hindering progress. But I digress)

Let us look at the real majority of the world's population. Let us look to the growing Muslim population fed by criminally negligent media with incendiary anti-western propaganda, and the vibrant Chinese-dominated Asian communities who have been tempted with a drug of capitalism, looking to score.

Does anyone really believe that they are going to take notice of the "99%" in a few years?

In a few years time, the powers that be will be, will in fact be massive. And though perhaps unorganized for a few generations, they will be enforcing many of their belief systems in a much faster way. They do not need to wait for the printing press, the slow dispatch of ideas and information. Their dominant views will be there mid century, setting up the new rules.

Cannot we at least acknowledge this movement of world civilizations and the need for sustenance and domination, taught over and over again in any place of learning, is going to take place at some time in the future? And if this is even a possibility, wouldn't it make sense to prepare the groundwork for some line of defense, or even a method to slow the approach of age? Should we be building muscles on the body of our livelihood rather than casting it aside and adopting one that does not favor growth, completely?

It seems that this evening out of the capitalist system is more important. Let us fight amongst the scraps and become kings of the junk yard, even out the benefits shared by all; throw the a monkey wrench in the machine works of competitve strength that has servied us so well, simply to cast blame and spite ourselves.

The result is that these local OWS detractors of vitality of the capitalist enterprise are not simply rearranging the deckchairs on the Titanic, they are willfully blocking the exits and setting the lifeboats adrift.

Friday, November 25, 2011

So much for smart meters:

I like the idea of smart meters. But more thinking needs to be put into it. A perfect Doh! moment. (via Instapundit, via Slashdot. )

Smart Meters Interfering With Home Electronics

About 200 customers of the Central Maine Power Company recently noticed something odd after the utility installed smart meters in their homes: in some cases other wireless devices stopped working, or behaved erratically.

The 425,000 installed smart meters all broadcast in the 2.4GHz frequency range. Unfortunately, so do many of the consumer gadgets we take for granted these days including routers, electric garage doors, fire alarms, clocks, electric pet fences, answering machines, and baby monitors.

"We have asked CMP to do a better job informing customers about these potential problems, and while CMP's website does refer to the issue, we don't think it goes far enough," said Maine's Public Advocate Richard Davies in an online statement. "My agency is troubled by the possibility that people may be spending their time and money fixing a problem that may be caused by CMP's meters, and that can and should be fixed by CMP."

The utility's Web site does include a FAQ addressing interference. Their recommendations are to change the location of the affected electronic device or the channel used by the device. In the case of garage door openers, physically relocating the garage is not an option. In the case of baby monitors, there is often only one frequency choice.

The electromagnetic congestion in the home is in some ways similar to the growing electronic congestion in hospitals as they acquire more and more electronic monitors all operating within a few feet of each other. Medical equipment has been known to shut down or give erroneous results when positioned close to another piece of equipment. Such interference is not new, just getting worse--rapidly.

As early as the 1940s, there was electromagnetic interference within the home. Radios and TVs broadcast at various frequencies but they were configured to co-exist. The electric vacuum cleaner was not. Nor the electric hair dryer. The worst offender, however, was perhaps the microwave oven, which, even in the 1940s, bombarded food with radio waves at or near the 2.4GHz range. Sensing there would be more congestion in the future, organizations worked to protect radio and TV, while carving out blocks that can be later used for consumer gadgets.

The International Telecommunication Union Radiocommunication sector (ITU-R) has since defined whole blocks of frequencies as unlicensed and generally available for Industrial, Scientific, and Medical use. And for a while, it seemed that there would be enough of these to last. While 900GHz and 5 GHz are also unlicensed options, 2.4GHz remains the most popular, offering the strongest signal strength over the broadest area without an unwieldy antenna. Hence most wireless gadgets in the home today broadcast at or near this frequency, including Bluetooth gadgets. That's why you see FCC ratings on blenders.

So the trouble with the smart meters is at least understandable. Ideally, smart meters will one day communicate with your washing machine, dishwasher, refrigerator, and other energy intensive devices, allowing you to control energy usage, and potentially off-loading use to times when energy is cheap.

However, if the Bluetooth stereo component or the wireless router gets in the way, those energy readings could be wonky, and perhaps the energy savings as well.

If a device can't be moved, perhaps it will allow you to change the channel being used. Most devices today default to channel six, but channels one and eleven are also viable options—at least for routers. I recently upgraded the plumbing in my house and found all my laptops no longer connected with the router. The reason? The copper tubing changed the local interference pattern among all my electronic gadgets. But once I changed the router's channel, I was back in business.

Given that we can't change the smart meters ourselves, it looks like consumers will have to get good at fixing their own electronic issues once their home becomes "metered."

Smart Meter Interference

electromagnetic interference in TVs

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Richard Herring: the Wheelchair

I am an avid podcast person. In the car or walking the dogs, I listen to comedy shows such as Wait Wait, Dont Tell Me, The Now Show, The Moth, News Quiz, to name a few. 

Lately BBC has been picking shows for Friday night play, and I just heard Richard Herrings' the Wheelchair. It is a Morality Play, (which I just looked up and now am convinced it is accurate). 

It was a touching look at the way normal citizens react to being suddenly in the presence of the disabled. Amusing and apt, he puts himself in positions where he experiences doubt and then guilt and ponders over society's outlook on the issue. 

Really worth a listen. I suspect, however ,that this will disappear in a matter of weeks. 


Friday, May 06, 2011

Feds Issue Train Warning | and "Source Code"

Feds Issue Train Warning | NBC New York
Last night I saw Source Code. Very good, and Jake Gyllenhaal was perfect in the role. Notwithstanding some obvious plot errors (like what happens to the real boyfriend??), it was great except for one major political problem.

What would you say is the threat comparison between homegrown terrorists (as in the Oklahoma bombing) versus the Al Quaeda versions? 1 to 5? 1 to 1000? Lets now look at the efforts expended by the federal and state governments in terms of budget to police prevent these threats. I don't know the numbers, but its probably close to 1 to 1000.

So now lets look at the number of Hollywood dramas. Now we come way back down to 1 to 5.

They might as well have made the bomber a Russian spy for all the lack of historical significance. Or even due to an alien abduction, for these reports are far more significant than the Oklahoma type threat.

It drives me nuts to think of the stretch that the writers in Hollywood mus reach to simply to avoid accusing a singular group of admittedly small numbers of the whole. Islamic fundamentalist, Western hating types, do not number into the tens of thousands, I think, but they certainly dwarf those of the in country version.

It would be a bit more entertaining if movies would reflect these realities in some movies (along with always making the villain a Republican when we all know both sides have villians)

Or they should simply bring back the Russian spies and Aliens.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Florida Union Money

Why should non union people be forced to pay for union support?

I realize, of course that taxpayers are often putting money into things they did not necessarily sign up for, like the funding of NPR.

But the union money in Florida seems so direct.

If however, a liberal congress decides that unions need funding, across the entire country, and it becomes a federal issue, I would still be unhappy, but it would have a weighty authorization behind it.

There might be a bunch of conservative causes that receive money in I similar method. Say, for example, the NRA in Idaho or NASCAR in Kentucky.

I jest, but there must be something similar.

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Friday, March 18, 2011

So Calm

The calm Japanese people in the wake of the disaster is difficult to understand for us barbarians.


Thursday, March 10, 2011

Lefty Standards Re Islam Hearings

If a us senator wanted to open a hearing on italian mania groups in america, would he / should he be accused of racism against italians?
If an investigation was initiated to research the violent gangs of else salvador, would that paint all central americans in a derogatory color? i dont think so. And the same goes for the hearings on
radical islam in america,

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Friday, March 04, 2011

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Fw: Marital Bliss

One man's solution. 










Tuesday, February 08, 2011

I Want The Daily On My Kindle

If Murdoch offers it, I would like The Daily on my kindle every morning, in Europe ... um earlyish.