Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Elitist Choices Made by the Times: Meghan McCain

I like this comment:

"Of course, McCain is the Times's favorite kind of Republican, a surprisingly uninformed "progressive" whose arguments won't convince anyone except shilling Schillingers."

Quite often they put up Tea Party people that are, well, honestly not that well informed. Why don't the interviewers basically admit they were looking for the dumb ones.

And interviewing a hippie about liberal America, espousing an idyllic lifestyle totally at odds with functioning without adult supervision is not fair?

My point is, well yes there are some dummies. But that is democracy. When the left has a win, it was because America has become more educated. According to the left, when the right has a win it is because the message was for the uneducated and they probably shouldn't be voting, or the messengers shouldn't be selling them the idea in a slogan.

Sorry, the left's elitist approach isn't going to sell.

The NY Times Splashes in the Shallow End with Meghan McCain, Brave Republican Rebel, Ugg Boot Wearer | NewsBusters.org

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