Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Gossip Girl and the GMAIL App for Mobiles : disfunctional

So I challenge anyone to fix this annoying problem. The nifty gmail app for mobiles, does not work on the Nokia 6303 Classic.

It worked on the 6300.

All forums say the same thing. "This application requires a working data connection" Well duh, I HAVE that, or my three other web friendly programs wouldn't work.

Sure, sure, I have check all permissions (now even Mahmoud Amadinajad could hack into my phone). I have tried all GPRS WAP and O2-MMS settings.

I have even challenged the Gossip Girl to answer this one.

Friday, September 17, 2010

MacDonalds Food Last So Long - FREAKY

The weird thing for me is the fact that it didn't attract bugs (although where the food was placed is not really mentioned; like does the office normally get a lot of bugs?). There are some explanations, I think.

I always hear so much about fats and salt in foods. Salt was used for preserving food for eons (no pun intended). Fats seem to have a special place in preservation when you consider how long the Twinkie lasts (and how flammable it is).

Let's ignore how too much salt or too much fat is bad for your health. But if it is not 'natural' things like salt and fat that are keeping bugs away, then what is?

This 1-Year-Old Happy Meal Has Aged Surprisingly Well - The Consumerist

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Elitist Choices Made by the Times: Meghan McCain

I like this comment:

"Of course, McCain is the Times's favorite kind of Republican, a surprisingly uninformed "progressive" whose arguments won't convince anyone except shilling Schillingers."

Quite often they put up Tea Party people that are, well, honestly not that well informed. Why don't the interviewers basically admit they were looking for the dumb ones.

And interviewing a hippie about liberal America, espousing an idyllic lifestyle totally at odds with functioning without adult supervision is not fair?

My point is, well yes there are some dummies. But that is democracy. When the left has a win, it was because America has become more educated. According to the left, when the right has a win it is because the message was for the uneducated and they probably shouldn't be voting, or the messengers shouldn't be selling them the idea in a slogan.

Sorry, the left's elitist approach isn't going to sell.

The NY Times Splashes in the Shallow End with Meghan McCain, Brave Republican Rebel, Ugg Boot Wearer |

Microsoft Does Something Well - and Quickly

The Volokh Conspiracy � Microsoft’s Response to Russian Scandal

Russia was targeting some NGOs by charging them with theft of Microsoft licensed material.

"The security services in Russia in recent years have seized computers from dozens of outspoken advocacy groups and opposition newspapers, all but disabling them. Law-enforcement officials claim that they are investigating the theft of Microsoft’s intellectual property, but the searches typically happen when those groups are seeking to draw attention to a cause or an event. Allies of the government are rarely if ever investigated for having illegal software on their computers."

Microsoft quickly said something like. "For them, we just decided - just now - its free".