Thursday, August 19, 2010

Google Reader Offline: Where is that Green Arrow??

I really use Google applications a lot. Really. I use Google Docs to advertise our flat for sale with a Sitemeter to see how few hits I am getting. I use Google Reader in condensed view to skim my top headlines and entertainment news. I use Google docs Forms function to add data for a job search, that prints out a spread sheet (so simple). I share documents, I blog (obviously), I use youtube to show videos of the family in private function, I use functions to create feeds that list in Reader, like job searches.

But what is bugging me is that Google Reader offers an offline function, and as savvy as I think I am, I cannot get it to work.

The idea is, through the use of Google Gears, which allows other applications to work. (I use Google Gears to run Better Gmail, which simply adds some useful toolbars and small apps to Gmail). But with Google Gears, I am suppose to be able to work offline the idea being, for example, once you have connected to the internet, you can then disconnect. This would be useful when I have a weekend at the cottage, using my Nokia 6303 as a connection to internet; it is slow and annoying, but I need to use it.

There are other RSS and Reader programs (like Bloglines), but I want Google Reader.

By the way, this offline function apparently works for email and some other functions (like instead of using Microsoft Outlook or Mozilla Thunderbird).

Now the specific problem lies in getting the Green Arrow to appear on my Reader. Apparently that is all I need to show how to go offline. I need to indicate where I would want the files stored at some point, but that also is not easily seen. This article lays it out pretty well, but I still got no Green Arrow.

If anyone knows how to get under the hood of this, I would appreciate hearing from you.


Only an hour later, I find out they stopped it.


Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Hating Babylon Toolbar

I hate you Babylon tool bar.
I wish that people would realize that people who write tool bar extensions that are secretly attached to another program, should be in the same league as spam writers and Saddam Hussein.
The should be hanged with a rope that pulls the head off the body (just like Saddam).