Wednesday, June 02, 2010

UPC Technician Attack

I am incensed by the lack of service at my internet provider. UPC Czech Republic has caused me a list of problems lately, culminating in a physical attack by a service technician.

Yes, the technician touched me, shoved me out of the way, and fled the apartment. Ran because he did not want me to take back my authorization paper for shoddy work.

I filed a complaint to the Police Station in my neighborhood. Not for an arrest but for the declaration. You see, UPC seems only to treat requests in a patronizing and slow manner. Even after telling them about the police report, they did not even change their stance.

I am not satisfied with this behavior and demand that they repair the problems and issue an apology for the physical attack and the lack of fair response.

After all this, I can say that it would be wise to avoid the services of UPC in the Czech Republic. Speaking to a Dutch colleage just now, and he says the same of the Netherlands service by UPC.

This blog post is hopefully going to be found by numerous people. The additional post here describes the situation of the attack.

I have attempted to contact executives in the UPC Czech office by email, phone and fax. (the service desk has called but they do not offer anything close to the correction of services, and the apology for the technician that accosted me).

The UPC Nederland office is my next target to contact. Its amazing how easy it is to contact people there once you look on LinkedIn. UPC is owned by Liberty Global ( and I have faxed to the head office the link to the report, the account of what happened, and reviews of the service (90% negative) from a local expat site.

I am definitely angry and will not give up.

The report from the police is to be attached soon, after my lawyer clears the information.

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