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Tram stops from the historic Old Town center
Area : Letenske Namesti, Prague 7



Size: 119 sq meters. 3 bedrooms, large living-room and kitchen, two toilets, one full bathroom, two offices, and entry hall.

Rennovation: It was completely renovated two years ago (new water, electric, gas heating, new kitchen, and double insulation in the new roof).

Building history: The building belongs to one family which bought out owners and renovated the flat in order to sell the flats.

Description of the building: The building was built in about 1920, and has six floors including the ground floor. It has common side walls with the other apartment buildings on either side. There is a garden in the back but it is owned by other buildings. The elevator is sturdy and functional, but only fits four persons. The hallways are cleaned once a week. The building occupants are mainly families with some small children. The front door on the street is always locked. The post boxes are in the front hallway, near the elevator. The garbage containers are in the back of the building and emptied by the local services.

Description of the flat and the rooms: The flat has high ceilings with sky lights; it is 2 floors, quiet and sunny, with new oiled wooden floors. The doors and wooden trim are all in light brown colors. The paint is in very good condition. The main rooms look toward the garden in the back, while the main bath, the kitchen and one small office face the air shaft in the center of the building.

  • The main bedroom has high ceilings, in wall cabinets and an office or large closet off of it. This room is 11.6 sq meters and the office/closet is 4.1 sq meters.
  • The kitchen has new in wall cabinets and shelves, electric induction stove, a dishwasher, and plenty of storage. This room is 19.8 sq meters.
  • The living room/dining area is airy with high ceilings that have sky lights and the main stairway leading up from it. This room is 25.3 sq meters.
  • The balcony leading to the rooms is long, and 8.7 square meters.
  • The master bathroom is 7.6 sq meters and has green floor tiles that match with the green stalks and red flowers of the mostly white tiles on the walls. There is a large 180cm bathtub.
  • The two children's rooms, upstairs, are 12.5 and 13 sq meters respectively, with 235 cm high ceilings.
  • The front hallway is 7.6 sq meters in size and off of it is a toilet room with a small sing and window to the middle air shaft.
  • There is an office off the kitchen that is 6.3 sq meters in size which will fit library shelves, and a working desk. There is also a built-in captains bed against one wall.
  • The flat is on the top floor so there is little passing traffic from inhabitants.

Area description: The flat is close to two of Prague's most popular parks: Letna and Stromovka.The flat is close to shops, schools, international kindergarten and nursery.
The road in front of the flat is busy during rush hour, but this road will be by-passed due to the addition of a tunnel. However, since the flat is facing the back yard, the flat is completely quiet even during high traffic.


USD 360,000
7,500,000 CZK
Euro 300,000)

Sale by owners.

Contact Daniel Butler 606 213 523 email:
dantravelscom (at)
Dasa 604 748 637, email: dasatravels (at)

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