Thursday, April 22, 2010

Argentinian USA

USA will have same situation as Argentina. I have been saying this a
lot recently.

Here is an article from the Washington Times purporting that America
will go the way of Argentina.

I have been saying that for over a year. But I mean it in a
different sense. I think that blaming Obama NOW is like
rearranging deck chairs in leftist controlled congress.

My point is not where the blame lies, however. Its more in the lack
of description of what America will become, in all its gory
technicolor detail.

I recall how a German born, Argentine national friend of mine
described the situation during their crisis ten years ago. The
quality of life dropped dramatically as the currency lost value,
businesses closed, unemployment skyrocketed. Wealthier individuals
with a more easy international flight plan (i.e., ability to move
away) were not immune and might have lost (as in the case of my
friend) about 80% of his wealth.

But let us look more at the street level. The average guy who had a
decent middle class job, or even industrial factory position, had
just been lowered to below poverty. People were sharing with their
relatives, sometimes distant, and the cultural affect was enormous.

A similar thing happened in Yugoslavia. After the war in 1989 1990,
Serbian life style dramatically worsened and at some point the
university professors were forced to drive taxis. Sure that might
not sound like much when compared to an African drought or a
war-torn Caucasus region, but it is something that must be put in to
perspective when considering the USA.

I am suggesting that the Argentine situation and the Serbian
lifestyle example will be reality for most of America.

Hopes and dreams will fade away. Malaise will take over. People who
had a future mapped out will slowly accept their fate. The glory of
the American dream will be remembered in novels and movies, but the
great majority of America will find itself in an Argentinian state
of mind.

I am saddened by this, but think it is something to plan for. Escape
from the USA? I don't know. But you can start noticing things on the street. A slow and determined deterioration.


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