Thursday, February 25, 2010

Nokia Phone and GMAIL App Problem

I have a Nokia 6303 Classic. I had a 6300 for a few years (well two, or was it three that I dropped or drowned?).

On the 6300 I was able to use a nifty Gmail program that worked very well. It was a simple mobile download application. ( I am not speaking about a 'smart' phone with push email. Simply a program that you open and check for new email, as a third party app for the phone).

On the 6303, it won't load properly and an error message says that the phone needs a working data connection. Coincidentally its the same problem I have with the Opera Mini browser, which again, worked very well on the 6300.

Now I am sure that I have all the connection setups correctly added. I am pretty sure I have all the right certificates. I have even been able to set up the Gmail using the Messaging suite (same area that normal SMS Text or Multimedia messages are sent and received). But I do not like that email box in the Messaging section. I really want my GMAIL app for mobile phones.

Yes, yes,... I have searched forums at Nokia, my local provider (Telefonica O2 Czech Republic) and Gmail, to no avail.

I write this post hoping that someone has been able to find a work-around for this.

Please send me a comment if you have any insight.


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