Friday, February 26, 2010

But not me.

Letters of Note: Slaughterhouse Five

Letter written by Kurt Vonnegut about his incarceration with the Germans.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Nokia Phone and GMAIL App Problem

I have a Nokia 6303 Classic. I had a 6300 for a few years (well two, or was it three that I dropped or drowned?).

On the 6300 I was able to use a nifty Gmail program that worked very well. It was a simple mobile download application. ( I am not speaking about a 'smart' phone with push email. Simply a program that you open and check for new email, as a third party app for the phone).

On the 6303, it won't load properly and an error message says that the phone needs a working data connection. Coincidentally its the same problem I have with the Opera Mini browser, which again, worked very well on the 6300.

Now I am sure that I have all the connection setups correctly added. I am pretty sure I have all the right certificates. I have even been able to set up the Gmail using the Messaging suite (same area that normal SMS Text or Multimedia messages are sent and received). But I do not like that email box in the Messaging section. I really want my GMAIL app for mobile phones.

Yes, yes,... I have searched forums at Nokia, my local provider (Telefonica O2 Czech Republic) and Gmail, to no avail.

I write this post hoping that someone has been able to find a work-around for this.

Please send me a comment if you have any insight.


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Green Police:Underlying meaning or the inadvertent smear?

The underlying meaning (or the inadvertent smear? ) of this video takes a while to sink in. But Grist suggests that the add thinks that Men are the evil enemy of the biosphere.

And they question the overall religious overzealousness of the Green machine.

So do I.