Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Of Course: Iran 'smuggled arms' to Hezbollah on ambulances

AFP: Iran 'smuggled arms' to Hezbollah on ambulances

Um... didn't we already know this?

Those people that ignored this were (probably still are) criminally negligent.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Sarah Please: Once Again, Take VP

Sarah Palin clearly does not like to be told what to do. Not by the Republican party at least. The VP candidacy left an indellible mark that she will never be able to remove. Sarah was mistreated, treated like a nobody. She clearly despises with that role.

We certainly can see the ferocous brand cultivation nowadays, the strength of conviction, and the sheer energy necessary to be in our faces to the ends she believes she deserves: a cozy Oval Office with a rug with the correct inscriptions on it.

Sarah is proud. Sarah is strong. Sarah has a solid base behind her. But, can she be magnanimous?

I suggest that the following she has is certainly a currency to get things done. But the hatred is there, too.

This is why I am asking Sarah Palin to consider the Vice Presidency again.

Its a big ask, but she would do well to take the back seat, if only to win the race convincingly. Perhaps being the co-pilot to Mitch Daniels, for instance.

Fiscally the plans by Mitch would support much of the Tea Party and Palin backers. The cut in spending, the smaller government, all ride well for those that think the government has run wild.

Romney, Gingrich and Huckabee are all non-starters.

Perhaps a deal needs to be made. A Blair-Brown deal, but one that is honored with integrity: Mitch says, "Let me president in 2012, and you have the next shot at it in 2016 - with my unconditional support".

Crazy you say?

But it is something that would work. Face it, its the only thing that could possibly work.


Friday, November 05, 2010

Futuristic Tunnel: like scenes from Soylent Green

I wonder if this tunnel will have throngs of people massing outside of it. It really seems like a sci-fi movie.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

House Moving

We are moving house in a few weeks and I have an incredible pain in my back. I cannot see any possible way that I will be able to get over this pain, recover, in three weeks.

And then on the moving weekend, I will be only making things much, much worse again.

I am amazed at how little time I have to exercise.

I get up at 6 am. I walk the two dogs for 30 to 45 minutes. I feed dogs, bathe and then rush out the door with both kids. I travel 90 minutes to two schools and then arrive at work.

Most days I do the pickup of kids so it's an additional 90 minutes. Later in the evening, I walk the dogs again. (Most days we have a midday dog walker, or my wife does it).

My wife of course is doing a lot of stuff at home, she is no slacker.

The worst is when my wife travels, and I have to do much more of everything (cooking, bathing children, laundry).


I am just a big whinger, but I cannot understand how I will ever get exercise time.




Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Over 20% of Welfare Checks Spent in .... VEGAS!

$69 million in California welfare money spent out of state | abc7news.com: "The Times analysis found nearly $12 million was spent in Las Vegas, $1.5 million in Florida, $387,908 in Hawaii, and $16,010 withdrawn from ATMs on cruise ships."

its like the old saying: "What welfare happen in Vegas, stays in Vegas."

Monday, October 04, 2010

Bin Laden and Al Gore

Bin Laden urges a "huge transformation" in how relief work is executed, calling the number of victims of climate change much bigger than the victims of war".
Oh boy, there will be some on the right that will run with this.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Gossip Girl and the GMAIL App for Mobiles : disfunctional

So I challenge anyone to fix this annoying problem. The nifty gmail app for mobiles, does not work on the Nokia 6303 Classic.

It worked on the 6300.

All forums say the same thing. "This application requires a working data connection" Well duh, I HAVE that, or my three other web friendly programs wouldn't work.

Sure, sure, I have check all permissions (now even Mahmoud Amadinajad could hack into my phone). I have tried all GPRS WAP and O2-MMS settings.

I have even challenged the Gossip Girl to answer this one.

Friday, September 17, 2010

MacDonalds Food Last So Long - FREAKY

The weird thing for me is the fact that it didn't attract bugs (although where the food was placed is not really mentioned; like does the office normally get a lot of bugs?). There are some explanations, I think.

I always hear so much about fats and salt in foods. Salt was used for preserving food for eons (no pun intended). Fats seem to have a special place in preservation when you consider how long the Twinkie lasts (and how flammable it is).

Let's ignore how too much salt or too much fat is bad for your health. But if it is not 'natural' things like salt and fat that are keeping bugs away, then what is?

This 1-Year-Old Happy Meal Has Aged Surprisingly Well - The Consumerist

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Elitist Choices Made by the Times: Meghan McCain

I like this comment:

"Of course, McCain is the Times's favorite kind of Republican, a surprisingly uninformed "progressive" whose arguments won't convince anyone except shilling Schillingers."

Quite often they put up Tea Party people that are, well, honestly not that well informed. Why don't the interviewers basically admit they were looking for the dumb ones.

And interviewing a hippie about liberal America, espousing an idyllic lifestyle totally at odds with functioning without adult supervision is not fair?

My point is, well yes there are some dummies. But that is democracy. When the left has a win, it was because America has become more educated. According to the left, when the right has a win it is because the message was for the uneducated and they probably shouldn't be voting, or the messengers shouldn't be selling them the idea in a slogan.

Sorry, the left's elitist approach isn't going to sell.

The NY Times Splashes in the Shallow End with Meghan McCain, Brave Republican Rebel, Ugg Boot Wearer | NewsBusters.org

Microsoft Does Something Well - and Quickly

The Volokh Conspiracy � Microsoft’s Response to Russian Scandal

Russia was targeting some NGOs by charging them with theft of Microsoft licensed material.

"The security services in Russia in recent years have seized computers from dozens of outspoken advocacy groups and opposition newspapers, all but disabling them. Law-enforcement officials claim that they are investigating the theft of Microsoft’s intellectual property, but the searches typically happen when those groups are seeking to draw attention to a cause or an event. Allies of the government are rarely if ever investigated for having illegal software on their computers."

Microsoft quickly said something like. "For them, we just decided - just now - its free".


Thursday, August 19, 2010

Google Reader Offline: Where is that Green Arrow??

I really use Google applications a lot. Really. I use Google Docs to advertise our flat for sale with a Sitemeter to see how few hits I am getting. I use Google Reader in condensed view to skim my top headlines and entertainment news. I use Google docs Forms function to add data for a job search, that prints out a spread sheet (so simple). I share documents, I blog (obviously), I use youtube to show videos of the family in private function, I use blogsearch.google.com functions to create feeds that list in Reader, like job searches.

But what is bugging me is that Google Reader offers an offline function, and as savvy as I think I am, I cannot get it to work.

The idea is, through the use of Google Gears, which allows other applications to work. (I use Google Gears to run Better Gmail, which simply adds some useful toolbars and small apps to Gmail). But with Google Gears, I am suppose to be able to work offline the idea being, for example, once you have connected to the internet, you can then disconnect. This would be useful when I have a weekend at the cottage, using my Nokia 6303 as a connection to internet; it is slow and annoying, but I need to use it.

There are other RSS and Reader programs (like Bloglines), but I want Google Reader.

By the way, this offline function apparently works for email and some other functions (like instead of using Microsoft Outlook or Mozilla Thunderbird).

Now the specific problem lies in getting the Green Arrow to appear on my Reader. Apparently that is all I need to show how to go offline. I need to indicate where I would want the files stored at some point, but that also is not easily seen. This article lays it out pretty well, but I still got no Green Arrow.

If anyone knows how to get under the hood of this, I would appreciate hearing from you.


Only an hour later, I find out they stopped it.


Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Hating Babylon Toolbar

I hate you Babylon tool bar.
I wish that people would realize that people who write tool bar extensions that are secretly attached to another program, should be in the same league as spam writers and Saddam Hussein.
The should be hanged with a rope that pulls the head off the body (just like Saddam).

Monday, July 26, 2010

Sneaky Dogs take food quietly to avoid getting caught

Sneaky dogs take food quietly to avoid getting caught - life - 25 July 2010
LIKE children with their hands in the cookie jar, dogs steal food quietly to make sure they don't get caught. The finding adds to evidence that dogs can work out what others are thinking.
Shannon Kundey of Hood College in Frederick, Maryland, and colleagues, gave 40 dogs, which had previously been trained not to eat food left on a plate, a chance to take food from inside two containers. Both containers were fitted with bells, but on one container the bells were muted.
When someone was watching, the dogs took food from both containers equally. But if the watcher looked away, for instance by putting their head between their legs, the dogs went for the silent container. This suggests they knew they could get a meal without the watcher hearing them (Applied Animal Behaviour Science, vol 126, p 45).
Kundey says her results back up other evidence that dogs can represent for themselves how others perceive their actions. For example, previous studies had found that dogs are more likely to take food when people are not watching them.
Marc Bekoff at the University of Colorado at Boulder says the findings are more proof that humans' mental abilities are not unique. "Great apes do amazing things, but so do other animals," he says.
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Excerpted from Sneaky dogs take food quietly to avoid getting caught - life - 25 July 2010 - New Scientist

Friday, June 18, 2010




Tram stops from the historic Old Town center
Area : Letenske Namesti, Prague 7



Size: 119 sq meters. 3 bedrooms, large living-room and kitchen, two toilets, one full bathroom, two offices, and entry hall.

Rennovation: It was completely renovated two years ago (new water, electric, gas heating, new kitchen, and double insulation in the new roof).

Building history: The building belongs to one family which bought out owners and renovated the flat in order to sell the flats.

Description of the building: The building was built in about 1920, and has six floors including the ground floor. It has common side walls with the other apartment buildings on either side. There is a garden in the back but it is owned by other buildings. The elevator is sturdy and functional, but only fits four persons. The hallways are cleaned once a week. The building occupants are mainly families with some small children. The front door on the street is always locked. The post boxes are in the front hallway, near the elevator. The garbage containers are in the back of the building and emptied by the local services.

Description of the flat and the rooms: The flat has high ceilings with sky lights; it is 2 floors, quiet and sunny, with new oiled wooden floors. The doors and wooden trim are all in light brown colors. The paint is in very good condition. The main rooms look toward the garden in the back, while the main bath, the kitchen and one small office face the air shaft in the center of the building.

  • The main bedroom has high ceilings, in wall cabinets and an office or large closet off of it. This room is 11.6 sq meters and the office/closet is 4.1 sq meters.
  • The kitchen has new in wall cabinets and shelves, electric induction stove, a dishwasher, and plenty of storage. This room is 19.8 sq meters.
  • The living room/dining area is airy with high ceilings that have sky lights and the main stairway leading up from it. This room is 25.3 sq meters.
  • The balcony leading to the rooms is long, and 8.7 square meters.
  • The master bathroom is 7.6 sq meters and has green floor tiles that match with the green stalks and red flowers of the mostly white tiles on the walls. There is a large 180cm bathtub.
  • The two children's rooms, upstairs, are 12.5 and 13 sq meters respectively, with 235 cm high ceilings.
  • The front hallway is 7.6 sq meters in size and off of it is a toilet room with a small sing and window to the middle air shaft.
  • There is an office off the kitchen that is 6.3 sq meters in size which will fit library shelves, and a working desk. There is also a built-in captains bed against one wall.
  • The flat is on the top floor so there is little passing traffic from inhabitants.

Area description: The flat is close to two of Prague's most popular parks: Letna and Stromovka.The flat is close to shops, schools, international kindergarten and nursery.
The road in front of the flat is busy during rush hour, but this road will be by-passed due to the addition of a tunnel. However, since the flat is facing the back yard, the flat is completely quiet even during high traffic.


USD 360,000
7,500,000 CZK
Euro 300,000)

Sale by owners.

Contact Daniel Butler 606 213 523 email:
dantravelscom (at) gmail.com
Dasa 604 748 637, email: dasatravels (at) hotmail.com

Download this document as a PDF

Friday, June 04, 2010

Why does the MSM lie by omission on the Flotilla?

They were fully equipped for battle. A search of the ship found weaponry — knives, axes, metal poles — as well as protective gear, bulletproof vests, masks, and night vision goggles. When they were apprehended, none of them carried any form of identification, and most of them had thousands of dollars in their pockets.
The story of the battle on board the boat became clearer as the soldiers were debriefed by the IDF and spoke to the media from their hospital beds — without being identified by name — in Israel Today.
According to plan, the soldiers had lowered themselves down by two ropes from a helicopter. The first two soldiers were immediately attacked and their pistols stolen before they could fire. The pistols were later recovered in the hands of two of the dead casualties of the fight, with their magazines empty.”
Does this not annoy you? Then you will enjoy the fiction of the MSM.

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

UPC Technician Attack

I am incensed by the lack of service at my internet provider. UPC Czech Republic has caused me a list of problems lately, culminating in a physical attack by a service technician.

Yes, the technician touched me, shoved me out of the way, and fled the apartment. Ran because he did not want me to take back my authorization paper for shoddy work.

I filed a complaint to the Police Station in my neighborhood. Not for an arrest but for the declaration. You see, UPC seems only to treat requests in a patronizing and slow manner. Even after telling them about the police report, they did not even change their stance.

I am not satisfied with this behavior and demand that they repair the problems and issue an apology for the physical attack and the lack of fair response.

After all this, I can say that it would be wise to avoid the services of UPC in the Czech Republic. Speaking to a Dutch colleage just now, and he says the same of the Netherlands service by UPC.

This blog post is hopefully going to be found by numerous people. The additional post here describes the situation of the attack.

I have attempted to contact executives in the UPC Czech office by email, phone and fax. (the service desk has called but they do not offer anything close to the correction of services, and the apology for the technician that accosted me).

The UPC Nederland office is my next target to contact. Its amazing how easy it is to contact people there once you look on LinkedIn. UPC is owned by Liberty Global (www.lgi.com) and I have faxed to the head office the link to the report, the account of what happened, and reviews of the service (90% negative) from a local expat site.

I am definitely angry and will not give up.

The report from the police is to be attached soon, after my lawyer clears the information.

Tuesday, June 01, 2010



Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Kneejerk by Jerk: Homegrown or Arab Import

Doh! Bloomberg touts homegrown terrorist theory and debunked a day later. Unhappy with healthcare?!! 

Bloomberg immediately tries to direct blame to anti healthcare people. Read these two stories: http://bit.ly/cnd5Ax http://bit.ly/djo8C3

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Another Big Nail in the Carbon Coffin; or is it a Stake Through the Chest of a Vampire?

Below is a story in it entirety regarding the carousel fraud involving the emissions allowances in Europe. 

As a carbon trader I have watched the carbon market get pummeled over and over again by scandals and economics. Mind you, I am not a religious zealot of the church of Kyoto. I am a cynical market participant with 20 years of trading, on three continents. Carbon was a new product in a place where I was at the right time. Now I am an 'expert'. 

But Carbon is like,... what? Kryptonite? Whoever handles it, gets weaker. 

Deutsche Bank, RWE Raided in German Probe of CO2 Tax (Update1)
2010-04-28 13:52:20.179 GMT

By Mathew Carr and Karin Matussek
    April 28 (Bloomberg) -- German prosecutors searched
Deutsche Bank AG and RWE AG in a raid on 230 offices and homes
nationwide to investigate 180 million euros ($238 million) of
tax evasion linked to emissions trading.
    The Frankfurt Chief Prosecutor's Office said it targeted
150 suspects at 50 companies and has frozen assets. Deutsche
Bank, Germany's largest bank, and RWE, the country's second-
biggest utility, said they are cooperating with the probe. They
aren't suspected of wrongdoing.
    The U.K., France, Netherlands are among nations that said
last year they were investigating "carousel fraud," where
traders buy and sell carbon permits, collect tax and disappear
before turning it in to authorities. Today's raid was the
biggest related to a fraud that may have tainted an estimated 7
percent of carbon trades in 2009.
    "We are glad to see that German authorities are taking the
necessary steps to deal with a fraud which has affected, however
unfairly, foreign perceptions of the EU emission trading
system," Henry Derwent, chief executive officer of the Geneva-
based International Emissions Trading Association, said in a
phone interview. The lobby group speaks for CO2 trading firms.
    Europe lost about 5 billion euros in revenue for the 18
months ending in 2009 because of value-added tax fraud in the
CO2 market, according to Europol, the law enforcement agency.
    "We're supporting similar investigations in other EU
member states," said Soren Pedersen, spokesman for Europol in
the Hague. He declined to elaborate.

                        Turning Higher

    EU carbon allowances for December rose as much as 0.5
percent to 15.28 euros a metric ton on London's European Climate
Exchange, reversing earlier losses. They traded at 15.13 euros
as of 2 p.m., bringing this year's gain to 22 percent.
    Deutsche Bank is cooperating with investigators and isn't
the focus of the probe, spokesman Ronald Weichert said by phone.
    RWE AG's Supply & Trading offices were searched, spokesman
Michael Rosen said today. RWE is cooperating with authorities,
and the company "hasn't been charged and is not under
suspicion," he said today in an e-mailed statement.
    The investigation concerns one company that had business
relations with RWE Supply & Trading in 2009, Rosen said.
     About 400 million metric tons of emission trades may have
been fraudulent last year, or about 7 percent of the total
market, including futures transactions, according to estimates
from Bloomberg New Energy Finance. BNEF is a unit of Bloomberg
LP, the parent of Bloomberg News.

                       Fraud Estimates

    Europol's estimate would indicate about 27 percent of the
market was fraudulent over the 18-month period, or 1.9 billion
tons. The comparison of the BNEF and Europol estimates is based
on a value-added tax of 17 percent, an average CO2-permit price
of 15.80 euros a ton and 7 billion tons traded in the period.
    The EU last month approved measures to fight value-added
tax fraud in the bloc's emissions-trading market, the world's
largets, by shifting the levy to customers. The law calls for
"optional and temporary" application of the reverse-charge
mechanism, which eliminates the need for the supplier to submit
the payment to the treasury.
    E.ON AG's energy trading arm hasn't been affected by the
investigation and no raids took place at its offices, said Jamee
Majid, a spokesman for the unit. EnBW Energie Baden-Wuerttemberg
AG spokesman Dirk Ommeln said the utility isn't affected and no
raids took place at its offices. Vattenfall AB's German unit
isn't affected by the investigations and no raids took place,
said Berlin-based spokeswoman Sandra Kuehberger.

                         Tax Evasion

   The Frankfurt Chief Prosecutor is investigating allegations
that firms may have evaded value added tax when trading emission
rights, Guenter Wittig, the prosecutor's spokesman, said today
in a statement.
    Prosecutors suspect "that emission rights were bought from
foreign companies and were sold via a chain of corporations for
the purpose to evade value-added tax," he said.
    The "VAT-carousel" led to the loss of 180 million euros in
tax revenue, and prosecutors froze money in accounts that may be
linked to wrongdoings, Wittig said. He declined to name the
account holders or say how much was frozen.

For Related News and Information: Emissions-trading stories: NI
ECREDITS BN <GO> Today's top energy news: ETOP <GO> Natural-
gas markets menu: NATG <GO> Link to Company News: DBK GR
<Equity> CN <GO>}

--With assistance from Ewa Krukowska in Brussels, Catherine
Airlie in London and Nicholas Comfort, Christiane Lenzner and
Angela Cullen in Frankfurt. Editors: Mike Anderson, Reed

To contact the reporter on this story:
Angela Cullen at +49-69-92041-158 or
Mathew Carr in London at +44-20-7073-3531 or

To contact the editors responsible for this story:
Stephen Voss at +44-20-7073-3520 or sev@bloomberg.net

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Argentinian USA

USA will have same situation as Argentina. I have been saying this a
lot recently. http://bit.ly/cGhnXi

Here is an article from the Washington Times purporting that America
will go the way of Argentina. http://bit.ly/cGhnXi

I have been saying that for over a year. But I mean it in a
different sense. I think that blaming Obama NOW is like
rearranging deck chairs in leftist controlled congress.

My point is not where the blame lies, however. Its more in the lack
of description of what America will become, in all its gory
technicolor detail.

I recall how a German born, Argentine national friend of mine
described the situation during their crisis ten years ago. The
quality of life dropped dramatically as the currency lost value,
businesses closed, unemployment skyrocketed. Wealthier individuals
with a more easy international flight plan (i.e., ability to move
away) were not immune and might have lost (as in the case of my
friend) about 80% of his wealth.

But let us look more at the street level. The average guy who had a
decent middle class job, or even industrial factory position, had
just been lowered to below poverty. People were sharing with their
relatives, sometimes distant, and the cultural affect was enormous.

A similar thing happened in Yugoslavia. After the war in 1989 1990,
Serbian life style dramatically worsened and at some point the
university professors were forced to drive taxis. Sure that might
not sound like much when compared to an African drought or a
war-torn Caucasus region, but it is something that must be put in to
perspective when considering the USA.

I am suggesting that the Argentine situation and the Serbian
lifestyle example will be reality for most of America.

Hopes and dreams will fade away. Malaise will take over. People who
had a future mapped out will slowly accept their fate. The glory of
the American dream will be remembered in novels and movies, but the
great majority of America will find itself in an Argentinian state
of mind.

I am saddened by this, but think it is something to plan for. Escape
from the USA? I don't know. But you can start noticing things on the street. A slow and determined deterioration.


Friday, February 26, 2010

But not me.

Letters of Note: Slaughterhouse Five

Letter written by Kurt Vonnegut about his incarceration with the Germans.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Nokia Phone and GMAIL App Problem

I have a Nokia 6303 Classic. I had a 6300 for a few years (well two, or was it three that I dropped or drowned?).

On the 6300 I was able to use a nifty Gmail program that worked very well. It was a simple mobile download application. ( I am not speaking about a 'smart' phone with push email. Simply a program that you open and check for new email, as a third party app for the phone).

On the 6303, it won't load properly and an error message says that the phone needs a working data connection. Coincidentally its the same problem I have with the Opera Mini browser, which again, worked very well on the 6300.

Now I am sure that I have all the connection setups correctly added. I am pretty sure I have all the right certificates. I have even been able to set up the Gmail using the Messaging suite (same area that normal SMS Text or Multimedia messages are sent and received). But I do not like that email box in the Messaging section. I really want my GMAIL app for mobile phones.

Yes, yes,... I have searched forums at Nokia, my local provider (Telefonica O2 Czech Republic) and Gmail, to no avail.

I write this post hoping that someone has been able to find a work-around for this.

Please send me a comment if you have any insight.


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Green Police:Underlying meaning or the inadvertent smear?

The underlying meaning (or the inadvertent smear? ) of this video takes a while to sink in. But Grist suggests that the add thinks that Men are the evil enemy of the biosphere.

And they question the overall religious overzealousness of the Green machine.

So do I.