Friday, August 21, 2009

I want this phone: 3720 Nokia

I want a durable phone. I keep dropping my Nokia 6300. I think its a simple, and very useful phone. I have my gmail and can access my work mail. Its not connected to internet all the time, but it doesn't take much to connect. I am on my second 6300 in one year. (And its clear I won't buy more expensive phones like the N series if I am clumsy with phones).

Well actually the second one just broke, and apparently they will give me a new one with the guarantee (doubtful) but I have to wait three weeks.

So I looked for "tough", "durable" key words and found the 3720. Its supposed to be very strong.

I found it on a number of sites, including amazon, but a lot of local sites that say they can deliver.

They all tell me that they will have it in late sept or early october.

WTF? Why put it on your site, then?

So, anyway. I want a phone NOW. I am using an old nokia handset and the retro thing is not fun. I just dont want to buy another if I can wait til October.

Frustrating. Wait or or buy another 6300. Wait for guarantee which is doubtful or buy another 6300.

So, if you want to buy one for me, I will reimburse you. (unless that breaks some international trade law).


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Sam said...

You should look at the Sonim range.

My landscaper son has on and is very happy with it.

See a site I am putting together on Rugged

Good luck