Thursday, July 09, 2009

Blackberry Messenger : To and From

Did you ever try to search something and get stuck in a loop where the search turns up all one-way answers? Drives me nuts.

For example, and the case in point: I use internet messengers a lot (a heck of a lot). So to use all messenger clients, I use either or Meebo or Pidgin (linux). On these I have Hotmail, Yahoo, Facebook, ICQ and AIM and some have Gmail-chat and even Skype chat.

But now my good friend has told me he has messenger on Blackberry. So I am searching if the 'protocol' has been opened so that non-blackbery owners can communicate with blackberry owners. The search? See here: blackberry messenger protocol meebo

So, every search shows only how a blackberry owner can now use various messenger protocols to send from their blackberry device. NOT how a non-blackberry person can send TO a blackberry. Sure, you will say that is less interesting, hardly anyone would think that way. I disagree. There will be people looking to break the code. Skype said no to letting their protocol being used and finally they caved (I think this is the best way to put it, although I am not 100% sure).

So, if anyone has an answer to this, please contact me.


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