Saturday, June 13, 2009

Boys With Dad

The video is about Bush Senior jumping out of the plane again on his birthday and using it to get old people out and about to 'do something instead of sitting in the corner drooling'.

But there is something about the family stuff here that I really like. About halfway through Jeb and George W come into the camera. Note Bush 43 more at ease and jocular.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

I Guess That's Karma

the Bad kind.

I think attaching any humor to the Air France crash is morose, but I can
only say that we should note the irony of two know terrorist suspects
dying on the Air France crash.

Note: officials are not saying they caused the crash but simply in the
wrong place at the wrong time, rather than being in a place they chose
to kill and maim innocent lives as is their normal modus operandi.


Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Felt 1903

I really want one of these:

(The video embed is supposed to work below here. Dunno what went wrong, so click the link and suffer past the advertising to see the bicycle/mortocycle.)

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Palm Sweat

I am watching Timothy Geitner shaking hands with Chinese officials and I couldn't help thinking what its like to hold hands with a man for a long, long time as photos are being made. They must be trained on the squeamish factor ahead of time. I wonder if someone has a video somewhere of an official wiping his hand on his clothes as soon as he released Geitners wet-fish palm.

I would need shots after I shook Geitner's hand.

Non-confirmed Kills

This was like out of a bad comedy with Steve Marin. Seriously close to getting rundown by a car cruising through and intersection yesterday after work.

I was out with my six year old walking the two dogs to the park in Prague, when a car comes from the right without yielding and even without looking. I saw the driver look only the other side where she expected traffic to come from and was oblivious to four living beings not one meter to her left.

Whats worse is tha the driver continued into the intersection and almost took out an older woman crossing the intersecting suburban street.

It was an auto-skola (Driving School) lesson! I almost laughed and tried to get the second target/victim to smile at the idiocy of the moment but she would not have any of it.

I did catch a glance of the teacher who was looking across the shoulders of the driver through the rear window. I could not tell if it was a grimace of embarrassment (go ahead, try to make that face; it works), or a "I am totally busted" face. Imagine the teacher's thoughts at that moment. No near misses all month and two on one day. Better than a confirmed kill, I guess.