Thursday, May 28, 2009

Madoff Losses Linked to Palestinian Gains?

I just listened to a long BBC story about Madoff's charitable involvements and how these charities now suffer from loss of their main funds but also about some that will suffer in the future from 'clawback'.

Interestingly, since Madoff ran with the Jewish communities, and he was a known charity mark, it would not be too hard to believe that funds were being directed towards Israeli lobby interests.

Now, consider the recent comments by Hillary (just these last tw0 days) about settlements. And trial balloons these last months that seemed to highlight these policy shifts.

I wonder: is it related? Sure there are some pretty far out claims like this one
which quote's some Russian journal which further quotes Israeli politicians saying that they had better release Madoff or there will be war.

I am not so interested in that type of journalism, but I do believe there are some links.

Maybe I am tired and drifting into conspiracy theories.


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