Friday, March 06, 2009

What Can You Do About It?

Let's face it. I am lazy.

Its so difficult to get to the gym, to work really hard all day long, to clean up the kitchen when my wife is away.

I am getting old - and worse, not fighting it.

So many things going on. Some pressure, some annoyances, things that make you want to stay in bed. And yet, I get out of bed. I find something to make the day interesting.

A lot of what makes life interesting at work is the pursuit of profit. That big deal around the corner. Sometimes that wait is excruciatingly long and boring, and a bit of a worry especially regarding the employment.

And then there is the family, the responsibilities, the kid, the wife, the dogs... and the bills that are so easy to lose track of.

It reminds me of a commercial for Rainier Ale, in Seattle.

"See this? Wood rot. See this? leaking roof. See this? Water seeping into the foundation. What can you do about it? Nor much. Better just to have a Rainier Ale."

That seems like a plan for me. Its Friday, after all. Fix the kid dinner, put him to bed, and crack open a Czech Beer.

Ach Jo. (the Czech expression for "sigh")

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