Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Blogger Post Template Problem: Google Docs Doesn't Have Any

Blogger Lab and Google Docs Lab
Dont Talk to Each Other


I am surprised that of all the design effort that goes into blogging and other similar tools, that they have not come up with many post templates. Sure Word Press is better and they have more, but not that many more..

So what is with this format?

Well, since there are no post templates, I was looking around for some and found this 'scientific paper' template in Google Docs.

but google docs is clunky

Its true, unfortunately that Google Docs is really clunky to work with. And seems to me to be unfriendly. Or down right nasty. For a whole week I was convinced it was hiding documents from me.

And now I am sick of using it.

Another Subchapter

One More Chapter

So I would like to kindly ask someone to make some ready-made templates for Blogger.


Me, only cranky me.

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