Tuesday, February 03, 2009

An Idea for the Legal System

The other day I was speaking to some friends about adoption and they told the story of the judge that had to give the final, legal approval for the adoption of their child. It was a fun, they said. The judge was happy and he was happy to meet happy people (my friends) who looked like great parents in waiting. 

After hearing this story I was reminded of those dogs that find people under collapsed buildings or in avalanches. 

Hunh? Stay with me, it really is going somewhere. 

So the dogs, they are trained in situations where individuals are placed under rubble at demolition sites or in snow caves, to train the animals. The animals find them and everyone is happy. Except that is not so when the dogs have real life situations. The problem is that the dogs are depressed when they find dead bodies. Perhaps because they, the dogs, feel as though they did something wrong. Who knows? 

To avoid the depression, at the end of a real life disaster, some of the trainers will be placed under the wreckage so the dogs can end the day on a high note. The saved someone! 

Now, back to adoption. And the judge. Or rather, the judges. Think about all those court scenarios that are not happy. Probably many. Broken families, drug crimes, divorce cases, etc. What about the stress that these judges experience? 

Why not schedule an end of day adoption proceeding for the judges so that, just before calling it a day, the courtroom doors open and lo and behold, smiling people are coming into the room. The judge, in contrast to the whole day before this, is actually doing something where everyone in the courtroom has a predispostion to be incredibly happy. The work of course has been done in the previous weeks, or maybe months. The psychologists and counselors have given the real weight to the decision. Only the judge is necessary since its a legal thing, at the very end. 

Why not lets make the judges happy? 

This idea is mine. I hope it sticks. Please pass it one. 

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