Monday, February 09, 2009

I Was Going to Say This

This article makes mention of the idea that terrorists could have started the fires in Australia.

Now think about it. If someone says this, they would almost immediately be attacked for being a fear-mongering, islamophobe. Fortunately for the authors, they have found a valid reference to the idea.

Unfortunately, that might also be seen as spurious.

For example, if there were no direct link to Arab terrorists flying the planes into the World Trade Center, and someone suggested it might have been arab terrorists, then they would have been labled right wing fear mongerers. Especially since it might have been Tom Clancy that gave them the idea in one of his books where the congress was targeted by a plane full of fuel but in this case flown by a Japanese Kamikaze type.

My point is, that although the fires in Australia might have been deliberately set with knowledge of wind patterns, set by mobile individuals with nothign more than a Bic lighter, were the case made that it might have been Arab terrorists, they would have been rounded on by liberals.

In situations like this, all avenues must be explored. A valid idea should probably be given some airplay to see if it dredges up some public informer or observant individual. But the mobs running amok, ready for a good old lynching must be held in check.

In any case, the modus operadi of a few indviduals, makeing use of the simplest of items, is shrewd and horrifying.

I might just turn out that this was indeed the case. Terror is, afterall, the point.

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