Monday, January 12, 2009

My Problem With Dogs

I try to explain my problem with dogs to people and sometimes I get blank stares. The blankest of these are from people who are not dog lovers, or people who view dogs as a working tool.

But when I explain to people how interesting dogs are, or how much I like and understand dogs, i almost always say that I believe that it was a few traumatic situations when I was young (watching my dog get hit by a car three times - it lived) that probably caused me to be so attached and constantly worried about dogs. And not just my own (I have been known to drive towards other cars that are close to hitting wild dogs in the streets of Belgrade).

So when I see Mickey Rourke speak about his dogs, I feel somewhat better, and somewhat worse. I mean, its nice to see others that have this problem (like an addiction) but its not so good to see others make a fool of themselves by their honesty for its probably true that my situation cannot be overlooked because I am an eccentric movie star or rich billionaire, for example.

I am sure Mickey would have had no problem explaining a dip in a lake covered mostly in ice to free his dog, breaking ice as he goes out to the stranded pup, like I did.


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PetiteDov said...

You need eccentrics in this world.:)