Thursday, January 15, 2009

Child Shields IN Gaza

Its not clear what is going on here and there is certainly room for doubt regarding the actions undertaken by men with guns and balaclavas. But, lets consider it.

Why would someone push a child along? Telling him to go home, get out of the war zone? Why would someone run along and grab a kid suddenly? To get him out of the line of fire?

Or is it that they, the hooded jerks, know that they will not be targeted by IDF snipers.

It is not clear. But we DO know that those that fire rockets (Not just Hamas, but Fatah and a Jihad group) DO fire from in front of Schools. So lets consider that and then look again at the video.


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PetiteDov said...

Because Hamas doesn't care about civilian deaths, unless it helps them in the PR front, which it does. They are in blatant violation of Geneva conventions, yet no one calls them out. They are a party of death and the "international community" seems to have their anger only for the "oppressor" aka Israel. It's utterly disgusting.