Thursday, December 04, 2008

Even With Rats, I MIss It So Much...

I miss Australia. I miss it a lot. I left in 1996 after being there seven years, and I long to move back.  

And when I read stories like this, it really hits home. The story is about an experiment to release bush rats (wild, forest rats) into a suburb in order to get rid of the disease ridden black rats that (presumably) came over with European settlers. 

This story has particular relevance to me since I lived for about a year in a wonderful house right on the water in Little Sirius cove, a small harbour just across from the Sydney Opera House (I took a ferry to work, about 20 minutes). I never saw a rat there, but believe it to be accurate. Afterall, the wildlife there is like nothing you can imagine. Even the bugs, the snakes, the jelly fish... its like a different planet. 

My longing is worse in November and December since the spring time in Australia is so lovely.  

I miss it so... 

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