Monday, December 29, 2008

Hamas: Then We Know Who Is The Devil

'For the children, it is like living in hell'


I read the title to this article and just want to punch a Palestinian.


Not only the hawkish Palestinian, but the do-nothing, mothers and fathers who sit back and let their country go deeper in to hell, if that is possible.  


Perhaps it would be possible were the Palestinians to invite Iran deeper into their house.


'For the children, it is like living in hell', indeed. Why do they insist on surrounding themselves with non-combatants, using them as innocent shields?  Why do they continue to capitalize on the images of helpless children with blood streaming down their faces?


Stop using excuses and enter a negotiation after first policing your own people.


For the children, it is like living in hell'. Then we can agree the master of Hell is the Devil. And that Devil is Hamas.



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