Monday, October 20, 2008

McCain POW video




Monday, October 13, 2008

Funny Numbers - Do Polls Lie About Race? -

Funny Numbers - Do Polls Lie About Race? -

>> I worry about the comment that follows because it will appear that I support or condone the implications. I don't. But, I am a realist and this is what i feel will really happen. <<

The article claims that polls are inaccurate because, for a handful of reasons. The general idea is that some people just won't respond to pollsters. And in my mind it make sense that 1. a liberal new yorker would respond to pollsters because they like to complain where as 2) a red neck in loosiana , an investment banker (too busy) will not. 

Another thing to consider is that, yes, America has a strong undercurrent of racism. I am sad to say it but it is, in my opinion, accurate. 

Am I glad that McCain might win - in contrast to polls - because of this? No, of course not. But I think that this is likely. Yes, not possible, but likely. 

And, what is more worrying is the reaction in the streets.  Imagine the rioting that would eventuate after the presidency is "stolen".  Think back to race riots  going back 10 or 15 years in California. This would be much worse. 

[The OJ Simpson trial was one interesting example where I seem to remember that people were asked (polled?) if OJ was guilty or innocent. Blacks: 70% said innocent. Whites: 70% said guilty.] 

So, again I say, I do not relish a McCain win in some ways. But of course I want him to win.