Thursday, September 25, 2008

Nokia 6300 video converter

I was searching for a long time to find a converter so I can watch news podcasts on my nokia 6300 on the tram etc. I write this only to tell people what I found, since it’s really a problem to find the info.

The trick - or at least what I think it is – is simply to make sure the resolution is 176.:144. I found this explanation on this discussion site: .

And I used , although I do not know if there are some limitations. You simply upload your video and then it converts it, but you have choices: on the first choice page you pick 3gp, and the next page 5 or 6 choices (codecs, bitrates, and then resolution), and resolution is what  you want. I downloaded a cnn podcast with wolf blizter, 35 mb, in a mp4 format.


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