Friday, September 26, 2008

Talk About Taking/Managing Risks!!

Yves Rossy with jet pack


"When we've talked to him and asked him are you worried about risk his quote consistently is: I'm not worried about risk, I manage risk.

Dover Calais map
"He flew Mirage fighters for the Swiss army, he now flies an Airbus. And in his sort of heart he's a pilot and a parachutist and what they do is manage risk."

The longest flight he had previously taken lasted 10 minutes.

Talk about taking risks!! Flying FRENCH MADE jet fighters and EUROPEAN CONSORTIUM made airliners? No wonder he would rather take a safer jet wing across the channel!


Thursday, September 25, 2008

Nokia 6300 video converter

I was searching for a long time to find a converter so I can watch news podcasts on my nokia 6300 on the tram etc. I write this only to tell people what I found, since it’s really a problem to find the info.

The trick - or at least what I think it is – is simply to make sure the resolution is 176.:144. I found this explanation on this discussion site: .

And I used , although I do not know if there are some limitations. You simply upload your video and then it converts it, but you have choices: on the first choice page you pick 3gp, and the next page 5 or 6 choices (codecs, bitrates, and then resolution), and resolution is what  you want. I downloaded a cnn podcast with wolf blizter, 35 mb, in a mp4 format.


Wednesday, September 17, 2008

This Might Cause Me Some Problems, If It Turns Up IN Prague

DNA will link Dog Poop to Dog Owners, who will then be fined.

At least my dogs poop under bushes, and not on the grass. 
Well most of the time.

Ok, ok,. sometimes my little dog just does it in the middle 
of the grass and I pretend not to see her.


Friday, September 12, 2008

Celebrities for McCain

Robert Duvall speaking about how much he hates Gore Vidal.


"His (McCain’s) 96 year-old mother could beat the crap out of Gore Vidal with her shoe," Duvall says. "And you can quote me on that."

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Matt, oh Matt

Matt Damon condemns Sarah Palin. (condemns? thats 's description, not mine)

One rationale is that she was mayor of a realy small town, she was governor of Alaska for less than 2 years, and she might be staring down Vladimir Putin.

Sorry, but isn't that lack of experience and the Vlad Putin Angle valid for NoBama?

I cannot help thinking and saying 'Matt Damon' in the way it was used in Air America.


Coldest State, Hottest Governor aritcle

They held home-made signs with slogans like "God, guns, lipstick" and "Read my lipstick - Palin."

A vendor had run out of badges with Mrs Palin's picture and the legend: "Coldest State, Hottest Governor."

One beaming woman wearing a "USA" baseball cap had scrawled a on a piece of cardboard: "A Real Woman = Governor, mom, CEO, pro-Life, God fearing, happy. GO SARAH!"

A vendor had run out of badges with Mrs Palin's picture and the legend: "Coldest State, Hottest Governor."



Wednesday, September 03, 2008

The Poor Guy

I mean really, the hockey guy boy friend, looks like he is married whether he likes it or not.

Its an interesting video overall. The family McCain is all there, the adopted daughter even. The full Palin group, too, in a very candid video.

McCain really stops and talks.