Thursday, August 21, 2008

Czech Land for Sale

We are selling some land in the mountains in Bedrichov, near Liberec. This norther Czech Republic. It is suitable for building one or two houses.


Wednesday, August 20, 2008

What the hell is lphclfej0ep27.exe ??

What the hell is it ?  I have been mining my process list for two days after some serious virus attacks.  Cannot find out what it relates to.


By the way. PC Tools?  Forget it. It must be attached to the virus that someone within the company is promoting.










Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Bring on your fat girls

Aussie mayor urges unattractive women to move into town

I hope I do not offend people but I have had this thought a long time ago but was thinking more about Alaska oil field towns. The theory goes, if an overweight (perhaps obese) woman cannot find a man, she might move to where women are scarce.

And even though this is politically incorrect, my logic for accepting this way of thinking is simple: Why not give these women an opportunity for happiness?


The mayor of an Australian outback mining town has come under fire for urging unattractive women to move in, assuring them they will find a man because there is a shortage of women.

John Moloney, mayor of Mount Isa in northwestern Queensland, told a newspaper his town was a place for "ugly ducklings to flourish into beautiful swans" and called on the "beauty-disadvantaged" to flock there.

In the face of outrage over his remarks, Moloney stood by his comments, saying he did not mean to cause offence but wanted to highlight the gender imbalance in the remote town of some 25,000 people.

"Well I said beauty disadvantaged," he told national radio. "Now beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Beauty can be a good set of teeth, beauty is nice wavy hair. Beauty can be blue eyes or green eyes.

"There is such a thing as disposition, temperament, manners, general attractiveness, attitude and demeanour, all those things tend to make a person attractive."

Mount Isa city councillor Gary Asmus said that while there was a shortage of women, Moloney's comments were an insult to the town's menfolk.

The mayor was "returning us to the Dark Ages and making the guys that live in this town seem like sex-hungry starved men that will pounce upon the first girl that they see walking down the street," he said.

Anne Morris, who has lived in Mount Isa for 50 years, told the radio she had not come across anyone who she would call ugly.

"The people that are coming into town now are coming here to work and find a house and live and bring up their families, but with these sort of comments ... I'd say 'humph, fancy going up to that place'," she said.

The operations manager of the city's popular Irish club, Bernard Gillick, said he sees the gender imbalance daily but suggests the mayor's solution might not be the right one.

"Anyone who moves to Mount Isa, beautiful or not so beautiful, they have a great chance to make a great life here. It is a fantastic town." he said.

"If guys have the right attitude then, you know, any type of girl will be happy to be with them so maybe the guys need to fix their attitudes a little bit."


Friday, August 01, 2008

I am in the USA right now.

Some people may be looking for me. I am in the States until 12 August, but just now on a cruise to Alaska Aug 1 until Aug 8. send me gmail.

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