Tuesday, July 15, 2008

NoBama Jokeless

This IHT.com article explains how difficult it is to make a joke about Obama because he is just not funny, or because any taint of racism and it just won’t fly.

The article quotes comedians and writers for late-night chat shows explaining their difficulty coming up with suitable material

But I laughed out loud with this comment indicating a hoped-for cure to their ailment: "We're hoping he picks an idiot as vice president."

Although….there was one oddly troubling comment I found. One comedian, a black comedian (David Alan Grier), who will do a new Comedy Central segment, will in fact be able to tell jokes about Obama and black issues. But the IHT.COM article presents this quote:

‘"I tell jokes on stage about him," Grier said, reciting a few that would not ever get onto a network late-night show (nor into this newspaper).’

‘…nor into this paper’?

It’s a wacky situation. We cannot read what a black comedian says because of PC rules. Must we hear it ourselves then? Or wait for a Black owned news journal to report it??

Or maybe he was simply telling sexually explicit Obama jokes.


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