Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Karadzic In Plain Sight

I am truly amazed by the fact that Karadzic was hiding in front of everyone's eyes. And that he had changed his appearance so dramatically. And, that he was living in an area that is quite central to the downtown area of Belgrade, where I lived in 2002 (probably the same time as him).

See these photos of him (from the Yahoo site ).

It seems to me that he was not even hiding out, keeping a low profile. The fact that these photos look to have been taken at a conference where he might have been speaking - on his latest speciality: alternative medicine - says to me that he was very much a publicity whore. Probably it was his undoing. I don't think that the public around him was entrusted to keep the secret, rather I think he was simply noticed and noticed by someone willing to get a reward.

Alternative medicine? What a great cover. He must have realized that most people try to avoid purveyors of witchcraft.


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