Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Mistakes Made by Cancer Sniffing Dogs

I love stories about Cancer-Sniffing dogs (that can identify through smell alone whether you have cancer).


But it makes me wonder what if… you have one of these dogs and you bring it over to a friends house and they make a few inadvertant sniffs as a normal dog does.


Imagine a bunch of hypochondriach women sitting around in a New York suburb and you walk it with you cancer sniffing dog. The dog goes to the first lady and sniffs her boobs (which she inadvertantly rubbed up against the refrigerator door where some pate was stored). Oh my lord!  I have breast cancer!


And another dog sniffs another lady’s hair (which was being played with that morning by the house cat). Oh my god! I have a brain cancer!


And lastly  the dog gives another lady a thorough snoot of the behind for a good full 20 seconds (as dogs indeed do a lot of ).   


Colon cancer!



I mean really, can’t a dog sniff any more?






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