Thursday, May 29, 2008

Does anyone else think this is surreal?

Kirk Douglas on a slide at another playground he donated.

Great guy, but if I saw him hanging around at my playground, I would be inclined to back away slowly.


Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Mistakes Made by Cancer Sniffing Dogs

I love stories about Cancer-Sniffing dogs (that can identify through smell alone whether you have cancer).


But it makes me wonder what if… you have one of these dogs and you bring it over to a friends house and they make a few inadvertant sniffs as a normal dog does.


Imagine a bunch of hypochondriach women sitting around in a New York suburb and you walk it with you cancer sniffing dog. The dog goes to the first lady and sniffs her boobs (which she inadvertantly rubbed up against the refrigerator door where some pate was stored). Oh my lord!  I have breast cancer!


And another dog sniffs another lady’s hair (which was being played with that morning by the house cat). Oh my god! I have a brain cancer!


And lastly  the dog gives another lady a thorough snoot of the behind for a good full 20 seconds (as dogs indeed do a lot of ).   


Colon cancer!



I mean really, can’t a dog sniff any more?






Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A Young Kirk , A Young Spock??

F __ Me! They are making a new Star Trek movie... but one of the Early days of Kirk and Spock, Scotty, etc. (Simon Pegg as Scott, ger off!)

I look forward to it. I never was into the Jean luc Gerard and that really creepy first officer or that Data thing. Really, It ended with Spock and Kirk for me. I did enjoy the follow-on movies with the real cast except for that one where Kirk dies with Jean luc Gerard (and that really creepy first officer or that Data thing).


Thursday, May 08, 2008

Annoying Journalism from Robert McMillan, IDG News Service

The following is a story about Mozilla Firefox browser being infected with a trojan in the Vietnamese language version which may or may not be included with the version you (and I ) have downloaded.

There, I just encapsulated the whole story - and even my beef - where Robert McMillan or his editor could not.

My complaint is this: why didn't they say that most versions include all language packs, or most of the thousands of downloads recently, contain the Trojan. The article does not say "if you downloaded the English version you have nothing to worry about" or "99 percent of cases affect those poor Vietnamese sods that use Firefox". They do say we should disable the plugin, but does that mean even though I do not use it (Vietnamese) that the plugin will cause problems Sure, sure, I have a decent anti-virus program, etc, will re-install, etc. Maybe I just feel cranky today.

Why cannot he be more precise?

Got to rush, must re-install my browser.

Mozilla warned Wednesday that a malicious program inserted adware code into a Firefox plugin that has been downloaded thousands of times over the past three months.

Because of a virus infection, the Vietnamese language pack for Firefox 2 was polluted with adware, Mozilla security chief Window Snyder said in a blog posting. "Everyone who downloaded the most recent Vietnamese language pack since February 18, 2008 got an infected copy," she wrote. "Mozilla does virus scans at upload time but the virus scanner did not catch this issue until several months after the upload."

Mozilla is now going to add additional scans of its software to prevent this kind of thing from happening in the future, she said.
The Xorer Trojan

The malware in the language pack is from the Xorer Trojan, according to discussion on Mozilla's Bugzilla developer Web site, which indicates that Mozilla developers first discovered the issue on Tuesday.

"I think it (happened) just because the author's local network was infected with the virus, so it modified HTML files," wrote developer Hai-Nam Nguyen. "The infected code just display(s) annoying banner but it can't propagate."

Mozilla missed the code during its initial scan because antivirus vendors had not yet added detection for Xorer into their products, Snyder said in an interview. Antivirus vendor Panda Security first detected Xorer on Feb. 28, 10 days after the infected plugin was published.Firefox developers have now scanned all of their plugins. The Vietnamese language pack is the only one that had this kind of code, she said.

The open-source browser maker does not know how many people were infected with the adware, but the plugin was downloaded more than 1,200 times in the past week and has been downloaded 16,667 times since November.
Disable Plug-In

On Wednesday afternoon, the Web page for the plugin was off-line as Mozilla scrambled to come up with a new, adware-free version of the language pack. In the meantime, users of the software should disable the plugin, Snyder said.

Xorer added a script to the Vietnamese language pack's HTML files that would have taken Firefox users to adware servers as they were surfing the Internet, Snyder said. Snyder did not know exactly how the adware code was added, but she said that this kind of problem could affect any software provider-- open source or not. "In most software development environments the developers aren't kept in a dark cave," she said. "They browse the Web or take those laptops to a coffee shop ""It's just a fact of life," she added.Other vendors have been hit with similar problems. In late 2006 Apple shipped Video iPods that contained the RavMonE.exe virus. And late last year, retailer Best Buy shipped digital picture frames that contained malware.Although some might say Mozilla's incident underscores the risks of open-source software development, this type of issue could crop up at a company like Microsoft too, said Eric Schultze, chief technology officer at Shavlik Technologies. "Most products that ship today include HTML files in them," he said via instant message. "Any one of them could suffer from this."Mozilla was already doing the right thing scanning their code before upload, Schultze said. "But it shows the need to have tight security on developer systems."


Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Wow, this is wacky.

Now really, is he playing that little movement afterwards? Its funny in a way; and frightening in another.


Chavez: I don't like him.

 Interpol confirms authenticity of Raúl Reyes's computer files



The information found in the computers of the deceased leader of the rebel Colombian Revolutionary Armed Forces (FARC), Raúl Reyes, was not manipulated by Colombian authorities, according to an Interpol's report to be released next May 15, as disclosed by Bogota El Tiempo daily newspaper.

The report stated that a committee comprising computer science experts from Korea, Australia, and Singapore working for the International Criminal Police Organization (Interpol) completed last May 2 the investigation into the three computers found in Reyes' camp in Ecuador, Efe reported.

"The first finding was that Reyes' files were not manipulated and that security agencies and citizens who had the computer in their hands kept them safe," the Colombian newspaper stated.