Thursday, March 20, 2008

So What Was Hillary Doing During This Time?

I love stories like these. Some gossip seeker really had to do some handiwork to come up with these details. But they are very telling.

It seems that while Bill was with Monica, somewhere in the same building, was Hillary. If she cannot catch her husband committing crimes against good taste - in the same building, at the same time!- how is she going to catch a terrorist?

What exactly was she doing? Getting a damp rag to clean up the mess?



Anonymous said...

It seems that the victim now has become the perpetrator. This kind of writing is beneath compassion. Guess what? Many wives have had husbands that have been unfaithful. I worked at the same hospital were my husband, a doctor, had an affair with a nurse. Does that make me guilty or stupid? No. It just made me miserable and sad.

Dantravels said...

The unfaithful bit is not my point. Sure that is horrible. But this is high comedy. Hillary in the White House? Give me a break.