Thursday, March 20, 2008

A Dog Named Radar

I am always interested in Dog stories. I am especially interested in Dog stories about Dogs that do something uniquely useful, helpful or completely mind-bogglingly cool.

The activities you might have heard of (or might not have, if you are not a dog person >>stop reading now and go jump off a bridge) are :

o Dogs that can sniff out people under snow or buildings.

o Dogs that can calm people (old or handicapped young) in a therapy called canis-therapy, I believe.

o Dogs that can sniff out a cancer on your body.

o Even, one of my favorites, Dogs that can “convince“ birds and kangaroos to move off the golf course fairways (rather than using fireworks, poison or guns).

Now I read about Dogs trained to pin-point bug infestations such as in hotels and cruise ships. I.e., rather than spraying the whole damned unit, lets narrow it down. This story has a Dog named “Radar“.

Once when asked why I capitalize the word “Dog“ I said it is because it is “God“ spelled backwards (I think I heard that in a Woody Allen movie).


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