Monday, January 21, 2008

Hillary and Bill Clinton will split up.

I just had a vision. If Hillary loses the race, either the party nomination or the final race, I predict that within a year, they will split up. Live separately, divorce, something along those lines.

Even if she does win, I would say there is a 60% chance the split.



Monday, January 07, 2008

O2 Czech Republic : they lied, we cried

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Here is a story about someone who paid a bill he wasn't sure about and later got screwed for doing so.

We moved to this flat a few years ago and canceled the phone line to the house. But, we were receiving invoices on a monthly basis for our phone.

So ... well, I paid them, for about six or 8 months. Something like 280 crowns, or under 15 dollars.

Well it turns out that we didnt need to pay (since we canceled the phone) and so we stopped. Years go by comfortably and then Telefonica O2 in Czech Republic sends us a series of nastly letters saying we owe money.

My wife dutifully fights  the good fight and it finally comes down to us asking them to prove that we made no calls from the home phone. (we didnt even have a handset!). And guess what, they say they have a record of calls from our phone. How many? 

2 .

Two calls.

Our legal representative (yes, we went that far for a measly 3,200 crowns) says  that she wouldn't be surprised if they have created the record for those calls. And since they have the record, we have no chance.

I will print and reprint this article in as many blogs as I can until they write us a letter of apology. Its the truth, afterall.

Telefonica O2