Thursday, October 25, 2007

Not Surprising To Me

Audiences reject Iraq war — at the box office - - The Washington Times, America's Newspaper

This article says that the movies about Iraq are not selling well. It is interesting to me since only yesterday I watched about 5 minutes of Over There on You Tube and found it unusually lopsided because it was blighted by liberal views.

The segment I saw showed some sado masochistic guy torturing a prisoner. First, the guy who was the episode's enemy was the US soldier who was charged with extracting information from the combatant captured, who was presented as being harmless.

Okay, its true there are types like the mean interrogator, sure, there must be loads of them. And there are a few sweet enemy combatants. But come on folks, do you really believe that these sado guys are symbolic of the majority of the force? Do you want to believe that the US is fighting a bunch of noble, Ghandi-like enemies?

Well, the directors of this show wish you to believe that, in my opinion. It is true it was the only episode I saw but it was over acted, smarmy and a false cliche.

The movies about Iraq coming out? Brandon Gray, president and publisher of, said that "Hollywood shouldn't soft-pedal its beliefs," as a criticism of why these movies were not selling. I think he means that the anti-American movies should be more shrill like the audience they are selling it to.

Its really annoying for me that even the most innocuous comments on tv or film are one sided. In an episode of "The Shield" I saw recently, one Confidential Informant was giving up other criminals for a better deal. He said something like " I will give you a few fences, a methamphetime lab and even a few horny Republicans, if you rip up my (record) sheet!". Now why wouldn't he say a few Kennedy Democrats? It woudl have been more accurate, and more amusing. But it never happens. I think it was in Donnie Darko that Patrick Swaze (sp?) played a political mover and shaker pedophile. His party? You want to guess?



Eso said...

Well, to judge whole tv series by 5 minutes excerpt is strange... IMHO

Dantravels said...

Okay, that is a fair criticism.

But you have got to agree my other point: that Republicans are (much) more often to be used as the unsavory politician cliche, when in reality, power corrupts both sides and both sides have their rotten apples. Why don't TV shows mention a drunk, a misogynist, a pedophile, that is a Democrat? They do exist.

Eso said...

Well, that's because most of artists are probably Democrats ;)

Also, Democrat point of view is much more approachable to foreign audience.