Friday, September 21, 2007

Horrible London Airports

Was just in London for two days. We had to fly EasyJet since we booked the day before.

What a horrid experience. I have to be honest, I had overheard a woman behind me in the check-in line saying that the line was horrendously long and I though to myself, 'what a snobby bitty, never had to travel cattle-class before?'

Well, now I will be the bitty.

The hallways, the lines, the snotty people, the rubbish strewn all about in the waiting lounges... grrrous! I cannot help but think of the stories about the poor souls crowded into the dome in Louisiana and the unsanitary conditions due to the George-Bush caused hurricane Katrina. (It was Bush, wasn't it? I mean that's what I read and keep reading).

After all the criticism that eastern European locations have suffered over the years, I cannot help but marvel at how pleasant the flying experience can really be when you fly out of or in to, places like Prague, Budapest or even Bucharest... compared to Heathrow, or Gatwick.

Even in the USA, the flying experience has deteriorated decidedly. Lines, and especially cancellations, are horrible. And the access to information about flight status, something that would help immeasurably, is rarely forthcoming.

Compare a trip from say, Chicago to DC to a trip from Budapest to Prague, or perhaps, Vienna to Athens, (yes, even that haven of arrogant bastards with holier than thou attitudes and smelly bodies). The latter two are much more pleasant.


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