Sunday, July 01, 2007

More on Zombies

Someone posted (anonymously*), this in reference to my earlier "zombies" post.

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Zombies.":

What has WWZ got to do with the Danny Boyle movie?

For starters, in 28 days later, they weren't zombies. They were people infected with the virus 'rage'. Secondly, it didn't take them 28 days to decompose, it took them 28 days to starve to death.

What the hell is wrong with you

I think that 28 days laters is definitely in the genre of zombie movies. (what is wrong with YOU, the anonymous poster?). And the point of the post is that World War Z was an Intelligent zombie book. As 28 Days Later, was really an intelligent zombie-like movie. I loved it. I am sorry if you (the anonymous poster) are pedantically opposed to associating this great film with zombies. And yes, they did starve in the movie and they did decompose in the book. (I rather think the decomposition issue was poorly handled in World War Z; it seems that it should have taken a much shorter time. Some zombies were active for a long, long time).

*Anonymous posting: I hate that. You would think that they would want to put their name to an angry post. Guess they have no guts.

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