Thursday, July 26, 2007

Death with Whiskers

There are so many weird things going on in this article.

Let me introduce this by saying, 1. I look at Yahoo's most emailed page a lot. 2. I am a sucker for the cute animal story.

I am also a sucker for the morbid. Take a look at the story. It tells of a cat that seems to know when the next resident of a nursing home will die, and goes to comfort this unfortunate soul before his or her passing.

Okay, cute, right? I am fascinated.

Then I see the sponsor on the page: Cat food maker, Pro-plan. Wow, that is great advertising placement.

Then... I read lower and I see this line: "Oscar is better at predicting death than the people who work there..." Ha! That I found really ghoulishly amusing. Sure, we have all heard of doctors or war medics bringing humor to their work as a way to cope. But picture a few attendants in the nursing home lounging around the coffee machine, laying out bets on who will die next. "I got Mr. Kaminsky for tomorrow; for 20 bucks" I wonder if the odds get a bit high, if there a little help is afforded.

Hey, Mr. Kaminsky, you like cats?


Thursday, July 12, 2007

Vlexo : web hosting

Recently we have purchased a cottage in the Czech Republic. We are renting it out in peak season so we decided to create a web space. I searched for free hosting and came across

I am really impressed. They have been responsive and the software...while a bit daunting at first.... is so simple once you pick the dummies way to edit the html. I am going to post to the forum some plan on it, I think, to help other dummies like me.

Its kind of fun really..

The site is but I am hoping to change it to

. thanks vlexo!


Wednesday, July 11, 2007

This is worrying.

and this is freaky.

My brother, Larry, will like this. I hope its not a trick, because I am trying it tomorrow.


Sunday, July 08, 2007

Hippies Organized Live Earth?

It was "unAustralian", one spectator protested. "This is what happens when you let hippies organise a big event,"

Yuck yuck. I found it amusing.

How the Australian event had not met the basic services required. Beer.

Oh, and I hated Madonna. Just something about her really gets up my nose.

Coincidentally, I saw her live in Sydney back in ... what... 95? But that was only because of some chick I was keen on was going. heh heh.




Sunday, July 01, 2007

More on Zombies

Someone posted (anonymously*), this in reference to my earlier "zombies" post.

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Zombies.":

What has WWZ got to do with the Danny Boyle movie?

For starters, in 28 days later, they weren't zombies. They were people infected with the virus 'rage'. Secondly, it didn't take them 28 days to decompose, it took them 28 days to starve to death.

What the hell is wrong with you

I think that 28 days laters is definitely in the genre of zombie movies. (what is wrong with YOU, the anonymous poster?). And the point of the post is that World War Z was an Intelligent zombie book. As 28 Days Later, was really an intelligent zombie-like movie. I loved it. I am sorry if you (the anonymous poster) are pedantically opposed to associating this great film with zombies. And yes, they did starve in the movie and they did decompose in the book. (I rather think the decomposition issue was poorly handled in World War Z; it seems that it should have taken a much shorter time. Some zombies were active for a long, long time).

*Anonymous posting: I hate that. You would think that they would want to put their name to an angry post. Guess they have no guts.