Wednesday, June 20, 2007


I have just had two pleasant zombie experiences.

The first was Grindhouse. I don't mean to say that the Zombies were fantastic, but I did like the movie (s?).

Its funny how most of the movie was 'referencing' or paying homage to, or celebrating.. the movies and tv shows of the 70s. But so much did that you have to wonder what all the people who didn't grow up with it would think. I mean, I could probably notice about 70% of all the stuff that Tarantino was slipping into Death Proof. It reminds me of some cult Japanese movie that I might have seen and thought was pretty good, but still have to admit that there was probably a lot going on in the background that I will never catch.

The zombie stuff was ok. What made me mention it in the title was that just after it I listened to World War Z by Max Brooks on mp3. (I have been listening to a bunch lately since I do long dog walks in the morning and evening, and books on tape - uh, mp3 - is good for that or long drives ).

WWZ was really great. I mean it. Usually book s on tape will be read by one guy who slightly affects his voice for accents, different types of guys or even female characters. But in WWZ he had guys like Alan Alda doing big parts. The book was in the form of a series of interviews so this worked well.

The book is about the aftermath of a zombie infestation. I marveled at the many little facets of the whole story that are never developed in movies. In the films you only get the scene from inside the shopping mall for example. This took into account the globe and the author has convinced me that he actually visited many of the places in which he set his characters.

Oh, Max Brooks is the son of Mel Brooks and apparently wrote a bit for Saturday Night Live. He played the interviewer.

Criticism? This may be odd but if you are from New York like me, (well originally) you should get it. There were no characters from the South. IT was totally bigotted, if you want to be mean spirited. I mean, I also think southern accents sound retarded. (man I am going to make enemies). But what he did was to populate the american character roles with guys that are all sounding like Jackie Mason, Borschfelt comedians. Really. Rob Reiner, Alan Alda and some others. All like New Yorkers that say the word "pastrami' in exactly the same way. So I ask myself, why did he do that?

Oh, and Max Brooks' accent? NOT a new york accent. Guess he grew up on the west coast.

But enough of that little pet peeve. The book was great. It really went into so many little oddities and great fictional stories. It created great detail like calling the zombies stuck in cars, "grabbers" since they were not aware enough to open the seatbelt or the door to get out, but were doomed to decomposition right there in the seat. Although, the pace of decomposition seemed to take much longer than 28 days as in the Danny Boyle movie. The use of snow and zombies freezing and then thawing was cool, too.

The book on mp3 left some things out, as I learned from a review and the mention of a scene in the '5 colleges' I think. I now have to get the book as well.


Thursday, June 14, 2007

Blogs are your canary.

I have always liked the canary analogy. (Canaries were used in coal mines to identify harmful natural gas that could suffocate or explode. If your canary died, you had better get out!)

This story is about a GOP Guide to internet/blog/media interaction. Always assume the microphones are on, don't engage the hostile liberal blogs, always remember that a camera MIGHT be on when you do some stupid gesture. But the 'Blogs are your canary' comment was very apt.


Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Hotels In Prague

I got some comments from a Hotel reservation website and it is killing me (in curiousity) to figure out who it is. Probably someone I do know.

So this blog post is for two reasons.
1. to tell that person to tell me who they are! Please!

2. and also to make a plug for them because I am often asked by visitor friends-of-friends-of-friends-of-friends to suggest hotels. And these look quite nice.
So here is my plug.


Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Thompson Has a Cheney

This has got to be good news.

A real contender is emerging.

I know nothing about him.

Anyone but Hillary.


Monday, June 11, 2007

Bindi Irwin hasn't been told?

This is just strange. Steve Irwin's daughter hosting a show about, guess what, animals, and speaking about her father (his photo) as if Steve were still around; the present tense. 

Very, very odd.

Maybe they didn't tell her yet.