Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Potter Parody?

I am wondering if anyone knows of any Harry Potter parodies? I am just lately listening to books on tape (well, on an mp3 player) as I walk the dogs. I have read a most of the Harry Potter books and th last two I have listened to. Stephen Fry is the reader, and he is fantastic.

But I was thinking that there is so much potential for good parodies or alternate characters that either are incompetent or perhaps even a little nasty (ie, x-rated). I have read some examples of such but cannot recall the names. (Only one pops to mind called Ardous on Ardor, I think).

(Um, I wonder if I should be embarrassed to admit I like Harry Potter. )


Friday, May 11, 2007

How to Carry Wallet, Phone, Keys?

I am sick of carry stuff around! Whats a better way?? 

  • I need my mobile phone.
  • I need my house keys and work office keys.
  • I need my wallet (with debit card, cash, business cards, insurance card dirvers license and car registration card which is too wide)
  • I need to carry my local identity card (the size of a frigging passport).

What can I do? I usually wear a suit to work but sometimes a sports jacket. But... sometimes I don't and after work I won't.

[[Related: And.. .sometimes I must carry my laptop to and from work. And sometimes i need to carry files. But all I want to focus on is the stuff above. ]]

Somebody please help.