Wednesday, April 25, 2007

My BMW for sale

I am finally getting around to selling this bike. Here I am in my dorky blue overalls (this is the Czech style) eating (look at my left hand) a Czech pastry (Kolac), while starting the beast.

Its a 1953, BMW R51/3 (funny, even Wikipedia has links for this realm of activity). I bought it in Greece in 1999. It was a great ride then. Now I feel like an old fart and rarely have time to ride it. In fact its been in a garage for something like 4 years!

Ach jo, as Czechs say. (Sigh).

Friday, April 06, 2007

traditional death grunt vocals

Someone sent me a youtube link for a
guitarsolo by two members of Children of Bodom.

I never heard of them and am not a heavy
metal fan normally. But after the solo (which was a classical piece probably
used to exemplify the nature of the training that these two musicians received
in an earlier time so as to contrast their current demeanor and earn respect
for their art. Yeah, think Spinal Tap).

Anyway, I like this type of music (but
am admittedly a music idiot). So I went to Wikipedia and found them. I
am amused to read how their music form is dissected anthropologically.

The band's earlier releases leaned towards
a power metal style, but the band has since focused on a style more closely
related to melodic death metal. The lyrics of Children of Bodom's songs
are written in
English and are most often concerned with the subjects of death/the
grim reaper, personal struggles, war and the Lake Bodom murders. Recent albums have
seen a shift to more antagonistic lyrics (songs such as "You're Better
Off Dead" and "In Your Face") and a more straight-forward heavy metal style.

One characteristic was that their music could be described as a subgenre of Death Metal called " Melodic Death Metal " which has the "traditional death grunt vocals".