Thursday, February 01, 2007

Cerebral Bore?

I have missed out on so much.

(girls, go no further. this story is about computer games. um, the shooting type).

I don't know much about gaming. I got hooked on Wolfenstein when i was working in Sydney for a stockbroker. It was just about the time the broker was being bought by Deutsche Bank. Coincidentally the German dealing room guys clued us into it. Did you catch that? The Germans told us about a game where you blow away Germans.

Anyway, I always wanted to try to play a game where you sit in a room with a bunch of guys on the same network and run around with guns and shoot each other.

Ok, ok. It IS childish. But hell, I missed it when I was a childish 25 to 30 year old.

The Cerebral Bore part of the story? Well, I found a video about someone mentioning the top ten favorite gaming weapons in fun 'first-person shooter' games. And this weapon is apparently fired by a gun and its like a ball that attaches to the enemy's head and bores into the brain all the while spitting out the grey matter in different directions. And then it blows up the head.

How cunning.

See, see? I HAVE missed out on so much.


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