Tuesday, January 30, 2007


 I got to look into this. Started to be a problem in July, 2000. Really annoying especially in my left eye.

Oh, is this being recorded?


Who Writes This Stuff?

It made me laugh. Might do for you, too.

Bunny rabbits.

e: I'd get a bunny if they weren't so stupid.
me: They're brilliant!
e: They chew extenstion cords!
me: So do you!
e: Yeah, but for me it's a religious obligation.
me: What religion is that?
e: I'm not allowed to tell outsiders.
me: How do you know I'm not a member?
e: Obviously, you'd be chewing extension cords.

From Things My Boyfriend Says. Kudos to PetiteDove, because she cares.


I am adding this link to the blog in part because I wouldn’t get away with saying most of this stuff to my wife. Ach jo, that is wimping out.



Perfume: the Story of a Murderer

Last night I saw “Perfume: the Story of a Murderer.“ Not sure what all the fuss was about.


Pleasing to the eye, lovely camera work. But the ending was a bit out there.


Yeah, yeah, the book was probably better. I started it, years and years ago, but lost the book.




Monday, January 29, 2007

X-Ray Screening

This story about using X-Ray technology gave me all sorts of ideas on the problems that this change of the future will give rise to, and the humour that may abound as it is implemented (“X-ray cameras on lampposts plan”). From religious controversy and privacy, to embarrassment from misuse.


Forget about civil liberties types. I think the real issues will be:


(Mis) Uses by the Media.

Could you imagine the legal penalties as famous movie personalities revolt as those secrets come out (plastic surgery malfunctions – boob jobs, lip injections; and perhaps  too small equipment like Schwarzenegger was always accused of). Or even an X-Ray photo of Gordon Brown as he turns up next to Putin (please SOMEbody tell him to go to the gym).


Anger by some religious groups.

Boy this one is going to be huge. I can imagine the Muslim groups won’t be the only ones that don’t want their women folk gazed at. Not only because Muslim men feel only they are allowed to treat them as property but I also imagine that these guys would not like to be viewed by women in the X-Ray control room. But heck, its not just the muslim groups. I can imagine there are many other religious issues.


New clothing designs.

Just a thought: maybe some X-Ray proof clothing will be designed, or perhaps even misleading clothing.


Hidden obscenities.

This one is really my idea. For example, if you are not allowed to say some words in public, or write them, but you are allowed to say and write them in private, then that surely means you can imbed them in your clothing. What a better place to complain to the government.


Or come to think of it, perhaps to even advertise to the X-Ray community.


Practical jokes.

What about using a lead ink pen to draw a gun outline in your dad’s jacket ?  That will get him in trouble on the flight to Europe!


Vetting of the Xray Screener.

And just how do you find these individuals that won’t offend anyone? Somehow you will need to find an X-Ray version of the Eunuch. Job Description: X-Ray Screener. Individual of high moral standing, not prone to sexual stimulation, revulsion or giddiness, when viewing  when viewing cellulitic women, busty women, well-endowed men. Medical professionals, darwinists and atheists preferred.


So futuristic, don’t you think?


 On a related note, I have never heard this phrase used before: “Street furniture”.
"Street furniture could routinely house detection systems that would indicate the likely presence of a gun for example."




Friday, January 19, 2007

BBC World Service just makes me so angry

Last night the BBC World Service did a feature about English Troops in Afghanistan. Every manufactured theatrical representation of a real event is so highly tuned (spun?) to make everything about the situation appear in the most negative light possible.


I love listening to BBC in the car or even on my Sony Ericsson t900i super deluxe nifty phone (what a gadget!). This is due in a large part to the fact that since I don’t watch much TV here in a foreign land, I appreciate the stories and real news.


But man, they are so anti-America, anti-Israel, and even, yes, more useful to the other side then they think. I mean really, the terrorists, the Taliban, and the factions in Iraq, are so lucky to have what would the equivalent of a major advertising/PR agency, working in their favor.  It just makes me so angry.




Jesse Jackson: 'All of my heart leans toward Barack'...


Well if that ain’t the kiss of death, I don’t know what is.




Thursday, January 18, 2007

"A global village will have its village idiots"

I liked this quote. Pertains to wingnuts getting nuclear weapons and how a bunch of loony scientists created a clock the exhibits the chances of our world going up in a mushroom cloud. (They are probably right, but they still look like loonies). Not sure about whole article, however.


Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Clooney, Obama, ... Reagan?

I was amused at George Clooney's comment about Barak Obama. He said
something along the lines of 'I have rarely scene a rock-star politician
like Obama. Bill Clinton had this status, Ronald Reagan had it'.

Ronald Reagan? I mean, for Clooney to say that was a surprise to me. Hell, I
agree it. Reagan was great no matter what anyone says. But for Clooney to
say it, that is a surprise.

Got to start blogging more. Been so busy. So much I want to say. . .


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