Thursday, December 21, 2006

Complicated times

Wow, I have been off this blog for a long time. Thing is, we have adopted a 4 year old boy and we are still in a state of shock.

I won't bore you with details but suffice it to say its great and also.. it hasn't been all rosy.

But we are happy. I just cannot really go on about the adoption stuff due to stuff that is pending, legally, and I guess out for reasons of privacy, for want of a better explanation.

Also, I have a new job ... and I am suing my old employer for not paying me my bonus.

So, its a complicated time.

New job is cool and very exciting, daunting, promising. Working for an Emissions Credit Asset Manager, helping to raise a fund that invests in Carbon Credits through JI projects in Ukraine. So much of my past is brought to bear on this project; living in Ukraine, financial markets and commodities trading, starting up financial trading desks (my third), my huge contact base, and my never-ending desire to do something more interesting.

Oh, and an office window a stone's throw (literally a stone's throw) from Charles Bridge.

"Joint Implementation project in Ukraine" "CDM/JI" "Carbon Trading"

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Anonymous said...

Wow, big changes! Big kudos to you and your wife for making such a courageous move. I hope everything turns out for the better. Happy New Year to you and your family!