Monday, September 18, 2006

He Watched It

Bill Gertz’ book, “Enemies” supposedly recounts a number of oddities that only the world of spies knew. While most are shocking and sad (since they show how the security services of the USA are more like a Jackie Chan movie), others are simply priceless for their ironic humour.


Apparently, if what Gertz says is true,


North Korean dictator Kim Jong-il was so upset by the 2004 puppet comedy film “Team America: World Police,” that he ordered his intelligence agents to assassinate the producers.



Ha! When I saw Team America, and saw how Kim Jong-il was portrayed, I am sure I wondered if Kim had seen himself. What would he have thought?


It begs the question, do all leaders watch themselves portrayed in movies, cartoons or in print. Think about Saddam watching the South Park movie, (no, I mean before 2003, not the latest viewing, force-fed by his jailers), and the translator wondering if he was going to get himself killed for saying the real words.




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Reel Fanatic said...

That's friggin hilarious ... I certainly hope he never gets to follow on that crazy threat ... I thought Team America was even better than the South Park movie, which is high praise indeed for me