Friday, September 01, 2006

Croc Shoes Euorpe?

I want to find Croc shoes in Europe. And I want to work for Croc shoes to help market in Europe (in case Guy happens to check.)

Purchased in Maryland. Worn by a group of us on my last visit to the States. We bought 4 pair.

I am seriously thinking they need someone like me to market their product in Europe. They have the websites, but not the real presence.

And the shoes are worth the hype.

I have these.

But for next summer, I want these.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, they are supper comfortable, but they GRIP the pavement and are great in wet spots. I read somewhere that they were designed by boat enthusiasts for boat decks.

The open holes are cool for those of us who like sandles but don't favour the toes being naked for all to see in public.

I want them because my feet are hot, and I want the Islanders since they have a bit more collar,like the old Sperry (r) Topsiders.


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